[A]10m <Vital> 8/8H, LF S.Priest

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<Vital> - Is a 10m raiding Guild on the Sargeras server. Our leadership has extensive raid leading skills with a combined experience of 11/13H Tier 11, 6/7H (pre-nerf) Tier 12 and currently 8/8H in Dragon Soul. We are a group of friends that have raided together for over a year and looking to build up a solid roster of mature players to continue progression. Most of us have transferred from Zul'jin-US to make a team on a much more competitive server and now want to round out our roster with quality players.

We have extremely good players on board already, looking to keep a roster of around 12 players to maximize our raid composition and ensure everyone has an equal amount of playing time. If possibly sitting out fights due to comp might upset you, please don't read any further. All raiders, including officers have the possibility of being sat due to comp and what best fits the raid for any fight, that's why multiple people within the guild can effectively raid lead. If you are looking for a team to raid with and have fun in a laid back and relaxed environment, then contact us for more information or visit our website at www.vitalguild.com

Current Recruiting Needs:

1 Shadow Priest (able to play Disc/Holy OS a huge plus)

*Must be at least 400+ ilvl with 6/8H experience*

What we offer:

-Experienced leadership
-Very laid back raid environment
-Cauldrons/Feasts/Potions/Repairs provided to all Raiders

What we expect:

-Mature, level headed players that have a focus on progressing through content
-Must be calm and level headed at all times, drama/arrogance is not tolerated
-Good sense of humor, if crude and vulgar jokes offend you then go somewhere else

Raid Times & Website:

Monday/Tues/Wed/Thurs: 7:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m Server Time (CST)


Loot is handled by a loot council. Gear will go where it best serves the raid and depend on a few factors. How big of an upgrade it is, attendance, overall performance will be taken into account. If by chance something is an equal upgrade and multiple players will benefit that have proven themselves then it will be rolled on to be the most fair decision.

Overall we are looking to have fun and joke around then put on our serious faces when it comes time to kill a boss. We enjoy all facets of the game, PvP, dungeons, old content and are just looking to build a foundation as a guild and potential home to players that have all types of interest in the game.

Contact Reaper, Kagerou, Konstantino or Voyage in game for more information.
Here's to next week and making sure we get what we need ;)
i aem matre, i hav cents of hummer! lolol git it?

Nope, don't get it. Went right over my head.

Still looking for quality players, need a Paladin/Warrior and Feral Tank. Also need a Warlock.

typd in spelchekr fer wow notin came up,

bsides i no all my spells relly well

1=unstaple efliction
2=shadoe bolt
4=bane agganize
5=fel flam
6=deth koral
8=soll capture
9=life tap
0=drain helth
- = seering fire
= = sool fire

This actually made me laugh.

Bump for one Warrior or Paladin tank and a Warlock.
am glaad u find this amusean...i on the othr hnd. am a vry srs PVPr, we shal fite! soon u wil c how pwrful i am wen u git deth koral feer DOT DOT DOT DOT FEER

Yes, one day we shall see.

Still in need of 1 Tank and 1 Warlock, will start our first raid this upcoming Tuesday after the reset for a fresh lockout.
Still looking for 1 tank of the Paladin/Warrior variety and 1 ranged DPS preferrably Warlock or Hunter. Contact in game or check out the website, vitalguild.wowstead.com
Now only need 1 ranged DPS (Warlock/Hunter) and a Resto Druid, find us in game or check out the site.
late night bumps!
Roster is filling up, need a Rogue and Resto Druid to round out our comp.
Bump for Warlock/Resto Druid.
Bump 'N Grind
Still looking for a skilled Lock and Resto Druid.

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