[A]10m <Vital> 8/8H, LF S.Priest

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Now in need of an Ele Shaman (Resto OS a plus)
Need a new Mage, like right now.
Bump for mage
Last spot to fill to round out our roster, of course it's a Warlock.
Warlocks don't exist dude....I swear, at least the good ones.
Bump for some of the best people i know. help them fill out their roster
Need a talented Boomkin on the roster
Need a geared and experienced Boomkin to farm the rest of DS and get ready for MoP.
Lost a great Spriest due unfortunate circumstances, definitely wish him the best of luck. Need to find someone to step up and show us they don't suck.
I think I know just the guy...
Our website is always open for applicants: www.vitalguild.com.
Still need a solid Spriest for MoP

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