Through a Glass, Darkly (a warlock guide)

Through a Glass, Darkly
Warlock Guide

Part 1: Pregame

This guide is intended for the average everyday warlock. I was able to complete this quest with moderate PvE gear (nothing heroic), but I am by no means leet. I spent 3 days figuring this boss out and have come up with a repeatable solution that is well within reach to everyone. I killed this boss without raid buffs, without pots or well fed, or even a flask for that matter. I relied on self-buffs and my own utilities to achieve success.

Before you attempt this boss you need a new spec, glyphs and custom macros.
The spec I eventually selected is customized specifically for this fight alone. I respected many times and can say with confidence that you will not be able to complete this challenge as a destroy or demon lock. Here is my customized affliction spec:

Spec discussion
Feel free to skip this part if you take it on faith that this will work. If you are, however, curious why I chose certain talents than here is my reasoning.

There are 3 important abilities that you will strive for; greater self-healing, pet survivability and maximum DPS. This drove my decision making in choosing this spec and glyphs.

It will be easier to talk about talents I DIDN’T take in the Affliction tree and why:

NO SOUL SWAP: You might think to use soul swap on the adds to help DPS them, but I tried it out and found it to be cumbersome and unnecessary to effectively take out the adds. Instead I focused on 4 spells for the adds; Immolate, Agony, Corruption, and Fel Flame. This is primarily why I took the 2 points in the destroy tree buffing Immolate by 20%

NO CURSE OF EXHAUSTION: The goal is to DPS the adds down ASAP, slowing and fearing them takes away valuable time. Skip it.

NO SOULBURN SEED: this is not an AOE fight.

Here is what I took in the Demon tree:

DEMONIC EMBRACE: More stamina = survivability

DARK ARTS: 15% inc damage done by fel puppy. He will be tanking the adds and more DPS on them means they die faster leaving more time to address the boss.

FEL SYNERGY: Anything that will heal your pet is crucial. There is maybe time to summon a single pet if it dies, but certainly not time to heal them up with health funnel.

I already mentioned above the 2 points in IMPROVED IMMOLATE from the destroy tree.

Glyphs should seem obvious by now so I won’t get into those choices.

Custom Macros
The encounter is made more difficult due to the fact that you rely heavily on your fel puppy’s SPELL LOCK And DEVOUR MAGIC. The only way to manage these two critical abilities is to make macros for them. Here are the macros you want to make:
/cast [pet:Felhunter, target=focus]Spell Lock
/cast [pet:Felhunter, target=focus]Devour Magic
/petattack Twilight
/cast Summon Felhunter

The first 2 will make it so you can keybind the interrupt as well as the devour your fel puppy does and use them on demand. As the macro states, this will require you to set the boss as your FOCUS TARGET. The reason for this is your puppy will be tanking adds and you don’t want to blow a pet CD on an add when it was meant for the boss. The third macro will allow you to have your pet tank the adds without needing to drop target on the boss – and can even be done while channeling DRAIN LIFE. The last macro is your “Oh $#!T” in case your puppy dies (which it will… often). It’s also handy to have SOUL BURN and HEATH STONE easily clickable.
Part 2: Game time

The Boss Encounter
Make no mistake this will be the hardest boss you ever try to solo. There are 4 tasks you will need to juggle efficiently in order to win.
1. DEVOUR MAGIC the boss heal bubble
2. DPS the adds without delay
3. Manage the boss’s breath attack
4. DRAIN LIFE to heal yourself up

These 4 things will not line up the same every time so you need to be flexible and know what to do and when to do it. The priority of “what should I do next” is the most critical aspect of this fight. You won’t have a single global cool down to stop and think. It’s easy to get confused. I would wipe endlessly fumbling for a spell.

Lets take each of these 3 challenges one at a time.

1. DEVOUR MAGIC the boss heal bubble. You need to zoom your camera out sufficiently that you can see the bubble on the boss. Don’t rely on DBM alarms or assume you will be able to monitor the boss’s buff list. The bubble is easily the most visible cue so use that as your sign. When you see the bubble, use your macro from above to tell your puppy to DEVOUR MAGIC. Stay in range of the boss or this wont work.

2. DPS the adds without delay. This was my major difficulty. Learn from my mistakes, never never FEAR the adds. When the adds come running up the ramp use your “PET ATTACK” macro to send him off. You have all of 1 GCD to refresh HAUNT on the boss then you must turn and deal with the add. Lead off with IMMOLATE. No doubt you have to run away from the breath attack while DPSing the add so save your instants for when you are on the move. You can dot the add with AGONY and CORRUPTION and spam FEL FLAME as you run in circles. Along with your pet DPS, the add should die relatively quickly.

3. Manage the boss’s breath attack. The boss will move before he does this ability. That is your cue to get in position. You have 1 GCD to refresh HAUNT then get away from your pet and start running in a large circle around the outside of the platform. Train yourself to run COUNTERCLOCKWiSE. Your pet will run on your left side and if you run clockwise, he runs the risk of getting bugged out on the vertical “pillars” that are on the outside of the platform. This happened to me quite a lot and instead of complaining about bugs just adjust your strat. So run COUNTER CLOCKWISE in a large circle. The breath attack will end before you reach the beginning of the flame circle allowing you to run inside it to the middle of the platform. DO NOT USE THE RAMP. I read several people saying to “use the ramp to kite the flame and it’s great”. It is not. It takes you out of range of the boss and you lose countless GCD’s running back up the ramp which you need for DPS on the add as well as DRAIN LIFE to heal up. While you are kitting, FEL FLAME the add until it dead and the boss there after. DO not waste this time simply running.

As for your DPS on the boss, all you need to do is consistently refresh UA and HAUNT while DRAINING LIFE every possible moment. Don’t stop DRAIN LIFE even if you are pegged at 100% health. Your health can and will plummet in a blink of an eye. And you shouldn’t be staring at your health bar anyways. Make sure CURSE OF ELEMENTS and BANE OF DOOM are up and use your trinkets and DEMON SOUL liberally. Toss in a DOOMGUARD for extra DPS.

If you can do all these things at the same time then the encounter will be easy for you. But since things rarely go as planned here are some tips on how to salvage a mistake.
SOUL BURN > HEALTH STONE for an uber instant heal
SOUL BURN > SUMMON FEL PUPPY for when your puppy is dead and the boss is healing away

Good Luck Locks… FTH!

I FRAP'd the fight and here it is!
Thanks SO much! This guide was very very helpful. After failing to down this boss for two days, I tried your strategy and got it in one try! Your method works great.
I agree. Lets look at the other options:

1. Druids - Heal like crazy
2. Mages with Mage armor and massive add control
3. Priests with decent heals and bubble

4. Warlocks... screwed compared to the other classes
OMG... YOU ARE MY FREAKIN HERO! I LOVE YOU MAN!.... i spent SO Much gold on repairs and pots and food and all that crap. so many strats and jack squat!

Second attempt using your strat and that punk a** is dead!

Thank you! thank you! i had almost just said screw it!
10/15/2011 04:11 PMPosted by Dägon
I agree. Lets look at the other options:

Hate to break it to you, but all the other classes have to kill the adds as they come, too.
Jaza, you are a mega star. Have been wiping for 3 weeks as i couldn't get my head around affliction. Tried to fear adds and I used far too many different spells. Got it done today after just a few tries.

This strat is the bomb
Thanks for the guide. I have a hard time believing that Blizzard even tested this questline with a Warlock considering how much it breaks the class. It's just really, really disappointing.

Now I have to go respec into effing Affliction. God I hate that spec...
I suggest posting this in the quest comments at wowhead. It'll have a longer visible life there.
I have absolutely no problems untill I try and kill the boss with the adds running at me. It seems to be too much all at one time and I end up dying. Any advice for a Spriest? I have about given up.
10/17/2011 11:08 PMPosted by Seiryu
I agree. Lets look at the other options:

Hate to break it to you, but all the other classes have to kill the adds as they come, too.

I didn't kill the adds as they came, and I didn't really heal that much either. Basically I used barkskin + nature's grasp + mushroom fungal growth + typhoon. I did heal myself a couple of times, but I didn't focus on the adds until the boss was dead.
This worked perfectly for me. Thanks
After DAYS of trying and trying, and nearly giving up, I finally used Jaz's spec and strat to the letter and succeeded!

If I can do it, you all can too! Good luck 'Locks!
Don't forget to use your flasks.

Also: an AWESOME macro strategy I used that helped me a ton was this

/target Twilight Invader
/cast soul swap
/target Thyrinar

Start the fight with SB, Haunt, BoD, UA, and Corruption. Use these until the first flame kiting. During the kiting, use BOA and spam FF.

From then on use UA, Corruption, and Bane of Agony. When you see an add running up the ramp, use soul swap on Thyrinar and simply click the macro. ALWAYS keep haunt up. The extra dps and healing is a lifesaver. Your filler NEEDS to be drain life.

Also create a macro for

/target twilight invader
/cast Death Coil
/target Thyrinar

It fears, keeps your incoming damage down, and will give you a heal.

Once you recieve the buff from Tarecgosa, keep dots up and spam the bejeezus out of Drain Life and pop your Doomguard. Use any Volcaninc potions. And if you are careful and calm, you'll have it done.
I finally got your strategy to work. THANK YOU. I was finally able to get this done after 12 hours.
As someone who never played affliction, having to learn to play affliction to complete this quest nearly pushed me over the edge. I am really really bad at playing affliction. That probably contributed to my 100+ wipes on this fight. However, after listening to all of the advice of people who actually know how to play this spec, and taking their advice as to macros, add-ons, and specs, I was finally able to complete it. Yes, it is a legendary quest, and thus, is supposed to be hard. Yes, I felt AWESOME when I finally defeated Thyrinar. But I would be remiss if I didn't say that I almost stopped playing my warlock because of this quest. The only thing that kept me going was all of the great advice and support from the warlock community, coupled with my desire to NOT let a quest defeat me. Thanks again everyone!
Warlocks are so small in numbers that we have to help each other. I almost NEVER see other warlocks.
Well, Im a complete noob. So here was my adventure. 3 weeks of totally thinking I was completely not bad, and come to find out, I was just a bad affliction lock. I play destro 95% of the time. I had never thought about using Felflame as a dps filler. Jaza, I have mad mad mad love for you right now. Its 1:45am where I am at, this dragon has eluded me by 234K, or there abouts, several times in the past few weeks. I felt like a complete failure, I was letting my guild down. This was Legendary to me for sure. I am now done with "Through A Glass, Darkly" and I completely owe it ALL TO YOU!! I read your informaiton. I changed my spec and a glyph. I watched your video 3 times just to prove to myself that you werent hiding anything. I went in to The Nexus and cleared it upto boss. I got him to 940K the 1st attempt (out of like 50+ prior attempts in the past few weeks) and something happened where the boss didnt change positions before chasing me with fire and it spawned right on top of me. 2nd attempt i was talking to a guildy and forgot to set Focus, so it made me think pet was glitched, until halfway through fight when i realized, macro isnt working because there was no focus, I was too far behind and knew it so i died. 3rd attempt!!! Set Focus, had soulstone, health stone, volcanic pot, popped Demon, interupted bubble, tanked add with felhunter (now macrod....duh me!), ran COUNTER CLOCKWISE and kept pet out of fire (duh me again always running clockwise). I had him down to haste phase, Tarecgosa was cheering me on, kept it all together, stuck to your strategy AND BAM! Dead Dragon...

To Blizzard: wow you sure know how to make a warlock wanna quit this game! Thanks for the Legendary, but next time can we glitch it for mages instead? Just once?

To other Warlock: Dont let your guild mates tell you anything...follow the Jaza strat to the T, and win! I had people buffing me with AI (DB), Might, MotW, Shadow Prot, Fort, Flasks, Food, Volcanics, the works! None of it worked as simply as following this guide to the T!

To Jaza: YOU ROCK! I Hope maybe someday at Blizzcon I can shake your hand and buy you a beer!

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