[A] Karnage is recruiting

Karnage is looking for raiders! We would like to make our core team a little bigger and better.
The following list is the classes we need:

Paladins- need Prot, but ret and heals will be considered
Mages- all mages will be seriously considered
Warlocks- same as mages
Priests- Shadow priests prefered, but all will be considered
Druids- all specs for Druids will be seriously considered and more than likely invited
Hunters- all hunters welcome
Rogues- all rogues will be considered but not guaranteed membership
Shaman- all Shaman will be seriously considered
Death Knights- All classes that tank are welcome, if you are dps and can pull 20k-30k dps you will be considered
Warriors- Sorry hackers! We currently have our fill of Warriors, but will consider you if you are Prot only

What can you expect by joining Karnage? Good question!

We are a lvl 25 guild that raids Mondays and Thursdays 9pm-12am server time. We currently have 7 bank slots in which raiders have almost full access. We are very structured in the raiding environment, but all together a very laid back guild. We are very social and give help to any member that requests it. We often do raids and dungeons on the side to help members gear and lowbies lvl.

Some things we expect from our members:
Have fun!
Real life first!
If you sign up to raid then be there or let an officer know that you won't be able to make it. Be geared to do the raid you sign up for.
Have your food and flasks ready for raids.
If you need help then ask for it.
Do not be rude to other members as they will not be rude to you.
No swearing/cussing in guild chat or vent as we have some younger members. (we do understand people slip and are forgiving)
And lastly, HAVE FUN!

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact the following people online:

Guild Leader: Sylania
Sr. Officer: Craum
Raid Leader: Zomar
Recruiting Officers: Doreber and Mfumu

Bottom line, if you think that you and Karnage are a good fit, then please, apply!

Applications can be found at http://karnage.guildomatic.com/
I'm going to have to ask you to do something about the emgay inway ouryay ootsbay.
Cayse, it doesn't matter what gems he uses...

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