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I'm running a nVidia surround setup and I've tried multiple things to fix an issue that is plauging my setup. I'm running with a resolution of 6000*1080 with 3 23" widescreen monitors. This is a custom resolution for bezel correction. Everything is working great at this resolution except a nagging problem with the gaining/losing threat combat text that pops up. The text is absolutely gigantic and with no way obvious way to scale it down. Disabling combat text within the settings doesn't remove these notifications, nor does changing the font size. I can add an empty font to a font folder to make them disappear, but then I obviously don't have the notifications at all.

Also nameplates seem to be extremely far above my targets head. I can zoom out to fix part of the name plate issue, but when tanking multiple mobs they are scattered everywhere over all three of my screens. I can allow stacking nameplates, but then its hard as heck to select them.

I'm almost positive its due to the fact that wow is thinking since my horizontal resolution is so big, that it also thinks my vertical resolution is equally big and trying to scale stuff up so its visible. This obviously doesn't work well with an eyefinity or surround setup :(

Any ideas on how to fix either of these two issues?
I hate to post bump, but any suggestions?
Currently there are no ways to fix this in the stock Blizzard UI. The only way around it is to use addons.

I currently run the ATI Eyefinity setup and here are some addons that I use.

Move Anything - Helps to move around anything in WoW so that windows can be placed in places where most applicable.

Mik Scrolling Battle Text - Helps to change the massive combat text to a playable size. If you use this, make sure to disable the default combat text by Blizzard.

TidyPlates - Helps to replace the massive nameplates in the multiple screen setup.

Hope this helps.
I indeed use all three of those (except MSBT, I use a different combat text addon) and it fixes 99% of the problems I'm having. I'm still stuck with the "losing agro" and other related agro warnings from the standard combat text that are gigantic as well as the nameplate issues with tidyplates. Tidyplates does resolve the massive size nameplates, but unless I choose overlapping nameplates as the option, if the nameplates they either stack way high above my field of view or are scattered across all three screens with multiple mobs engaged.

I'd love to keep the agro notifications if I could, so if you say MSBT fixes the gaining and losing agro issues, I'll try that. As for nameplates, what stacking option did you choose? Letting the stack isn't exactly tank friendly as its hard to select the one I want to taunt/etc.
I was hoping they would have fixed this problem, with MoP. :-( It makes the game unplayable if you have a non standard screen size. I'm not a fan of UI add-ons and, I like Blizzard's UI, allot. PLEASE PLEASE with a cherry on top.... (and a pint of Pandaren Ale) fix the UI for non standard screen sizes.

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