Disciplined Aggression recruiting for 25m!

Disciplined Aggression is a semi-hardcore raiding guild looking to further your raiding experience. We come to raid, but we all are here to have fun at the same time. We raid Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 6-9pm server, with an additional alt run on Sunday afternoons (not required). We require all members to read up on strats and know rotations, so we don't waste our time or your time. ---

Currently in need of these classes/specs!
----Demo Lock
----Frost dk
----Balance Druid
----Marmsmanship Hunter
----Disc Priest ( w/ a shadow spec that you know how to play would be good)
If your class is not listed don't panic, just message Imabipolar or Magikilla in game or add my real ID ozage8@live.com
Bump for future record breakers :)
bumpty bump bump?

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