<Storm Hammer> 8/8n LFM for to start HM

I will try and keep this as short as possible.

i know all guild recruitment threads look the same so here are the important parts.

currently 8/8n looking to get solid members so we can start hardmode progress

  • We only run 1 team
  • Yup thats right, no team b or team 2.. we find this always causes too much drama.
    our goal is to ensure our members are able to see as much of the current content as we can get them to.
    we are not expecting to people to miss out on raiding and will try to keep numbers to a minimum.
    at the moment we need regular members for every night.

  • We raid 2 nights a week
  • Monday and Wednesday 8-11 st (GMT +10)
    and we occasionally run alts or other raids or achievs on thursday nights adhoc.

  • although we are semi casual we ARE active
  • Our team members have helped create a great environment. we have a website with active forums and most weekends or weeknights you will someone online willing to do a run or help with an achievment.
    We also spend time with eachother outside of wow on skype or vent, or even playing other games.

  • We WILL have more then 10 raiders
  • to ensure progression especially on a 2 night a week schedule it is important to try our best to fill our roster, This means we will have more then 10 raiders to suit a regular 10 man team. None of our regular raiders will ever be asked to miss more then 2 weeks in a row and you will always be notified at the start of the week and given the chance to pug if your unable to come.
    (in order to make this possible we ask that your attendance is scheduled a week before raids)

  • We DO know what we are doing
  • Myself (Phishtank) and my girlfriend (lilliaath) along with a few other officers have been running storm hammer for a few years. we have been through the hardcore top 10 25 man guild phase and have decided to tone it down a bit on a new server...

  • We need EVERYTHING
  • as said before, we require all roles people like to sit out every now and then and that lets us free up space for anyone. there a few roles we drastically need as we may be currently lacking. you can check this on our website!

    We are also looking at the possibility of testing new raids before the release on PTR to get a head start on progression.

    if you need anymore information or i have left anything out please feel free to contact/let me know.

    hit me up in game (or lilliaath or Irridiae)

    you can visit our site www.stormhammer.net

    or leave a note here.
    I will check regularly i promise
    and if you feel like bumping this thread because you love us... then we will love u back
    Bump :)
    We really are a great guild and a great group of people.
    i should probably mention or age is generally 20s-30s and we like to stick with mature players. no 18+ rule but we expect a level of maturity... when its needs.. we still have fun.
    Bump coz I love ya and it's your birthday Phish :)
    Bumping for the sake of puppies and kittens everywhere. And because I just realised that Jaina Proudmoore is an anagram of "Junior Moo Parade".
    and bump
    Bump for the friendlies.
    got a new tank! still looking for DPS
    time for ragnaros to die on monday to!
    looking for dps still
    a dps with heals offspec would be great! and one with tank offspec would also be amazing..

    cmon where are all the people who want to raid 2 nights a week with a great group of people!
    a bit of a lineup change means we are now seeking a raid healer (druid or shaman) preferebly with a dps offspec aswell as a more dps.. with tanking set would be good.

    Not sure if these guys still need people but bump cuz i love them like a fat kid loves fried pork products.
    bump back up as we need some dedicated dpsers!
    dps that plan on never showing up need not apply.
    Wanting dedicated and commited raiders to accompany our very friendly and competent raid team.
    up we go
    bumping again,
    still need DPS
    Bump for Phish!

    Good luck in your search!

    It seems hard to find anyone as there is around 1243843858345 guilds spamming for recuits.
    there really are alot of guilds spamming.. not to mention level 25 guilds like altera runnign 3 8/8 teams

    why do they need more people..
    how can u compete with that.


    we are currently accepting the following for fulltime raid spots

    1 holy paladin or resto druid.


    ele shaman

    deathknight - DPS

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