<Storm Hammer> 8/8n LFM for to start HM

Bump - We are absolutely still looking :)
Don't let this guild's progression fool you, the only reason they aren't top 3 alliance is shady raiders leaving without notice! BUMP
Yo dawg we heard you like bumps, so we put bumps in yo bump so you can bump while you bump!
This thread is getting super long but bump.
got a couple new recruits still need som range dps lock or mage would be good
Need a 3rd healer, DPS and an OT spot opening up.
Still looking for more,

1 tank with dps off


DK dps
Still looking :)
Bump For deathwing kill!

still need more for a regular team especially with starting hardmodes.
looks like our team is edging closer, we are still filling a few dps spots. and a third healer is required.
Looking for a healer with DPS offspec and some quality dps :)
Sorry did not mean to bump into you sir.
Join this guild! They need you for heroics!
bump - LF 1 tank (with dps offspec), 1 healer and dps
please check us out ;)
Hey what kind of fish is in your tank?

I have a Frost DK and a Pally Tank I am looking for some raiding action with if your still after players? :P

Have a lot of oldschool raid experience but bit more casual nowadays. Not really guilded at the moment just joined one that sent me an inv because I got tired of random guild invites mid battle hehe
our team is filling up pretty well at the moment but we always have places for those who are happy to take up spots when available.

get in contact with me in game if youd like to chat.
Bump! Hope you find who you're looking for :)

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