Quit punishing engineers!

Lololol, troll title.

But really, engineers need to produce more consumables. I was thinking either bombs that everyone can use, or gathering profession boosters. When I mean gathering profession boosters, I mean capital goods. Machinery to increase production. That is what engineers in the modern world do. Engineers should be able to produce machines to help players gather ore, herbs, skins, fish etc, more effectively.

Ore Mining Machine
Advanced Mining Tools
Herb Gathering Machine
Advanced Herbalism Tools
Fishing Machine
Advanced Fishing Tools
Prospecting Machine
Advanced Skinning Tools

Like all machines, these machines have to be maintained. They would increase production for an initial price and continuous maintenance costs. Maybe these machines could only be effective for a certain amount of time.

Adding capital goods would make the game better for all professions, not just engineers.
I changed from herb to eng on one toon just for the ability to get volatile air's while mining.. It's a gold mine.

Other than that though.. Yeah, it's crap
Yep, the electrostatic condenser is an example of capital goods. We need more of that!
My issue with the condenser is that it forces you to have a gathering profession.
engineering, the gather it all proffesion

engineering was to unprofitable in prior patches, so we have introduced a new recipy to increase its gathering capability

gather bot 1.0
active use
- this bot will gather the nearest skinnable/mineable/herbable material (consumes one use
material costs
-1 elementium bar, 1 obsidian bolt, 5 embersilk cloth
this item contains 20 charges

crafting this contraption has a 24 hour CD

70% chance to be succesful
20% chance to destroy the node or skinable target
10% chance to attack a random nearby target

now THAT is an engineering item!
This reminds me of those quests near Gadgetzan where you got the harvesting bot to gut the basilisks/rocs/etc. you killed.

If you could make something like that that would, say, follow me around and have a chance to proc extra loot (Specifically white loot like cooking supplies and volatiles) from shredding a corpse, lots of people would buy that.

Give it a timer between about 10-30 minutes per, and that could be made with reasonable materials. The example above me would be excellent for that, only not on a CD and stackable.

Considering the current state of volatile farming (i.e. some are difficult to farm or damn near impossible without a certain gathering profession) this is not a redundancy in gathering.

Unlike the Potion of Treasure Finding, procs would be smaller but more frequent, and tied to the loot table of the mob killed.

Animals? Carve the last meat off the bones, or ply off another piece of leather.
Elementals? Condense that corpse into another useable piece.
Humanoid? Recycle their clothing.
Not sure what it is? *Mitch Hedburg voice* F*** it, cut 'em up!

Edit: Blizz really needs to find a way to not censor some things. Purple soda anyone?
Friend of mine has been a miner / engineer since he started playing in BC. Ever since I told him about the mote extractor, he has never once complained about the profitability of engineering. His wife spending all the gold he makes is another story however.

That said, I like the idea of the harvesting bot, especially if it followed you around, essentially telling everyone you were an engineer. There is another post on the forums about a soul crafter, what if the harvester could harvest volatiles from humanoid corpses like skinners could skin beasts. Better yet, just let the harvester increase the chance at volatiles from elementals, so engineers don't HAVE to have a gathering proffesion.
engineers new recipies for 4.3

EZ use repair/sell bot XvObsidian

EZ use mail Moller

EZ use parashoot

all of them are cheap to make, consumed on use, and just little vanity items we can make for others, while we still keep our permanent ones
I guess I'm just mad that my rogue is an engineer and i'm first up for the legendary...
10/05/2011 06:42 PMPosted by Renwald
I guess I'm just mad that my rogue is an engineer and i'm first up for the legendary...

I find it interesting that Blizzard won't implement a tanking legendary because it would need to count as both a 1h weapon and a 2h weapon, and yet the rogue only legendary will count as more than one weapon type to benefit all rogue specs.
We got Jack for Cata, all the cool stuff (Mechano Hogs, Jeeves, flying machines) where already in the game, couple of weapons ( real expensive to make and farily low lvl ) and some crummy goggles was all we really got that was useful at all.

We want more out of this hard to lvl and expensive profession.
Engineers could and naturally should be be the builders and arm suppliers of WOW. Is it lack of imagination or conservative fear of engineers being too awesome that holds Blizz back?

Engineering has always had the potential to be one of the coolest and most useful professions in the game but for some reason Blizz seems afraid of letting it achieve its fullest (and IMHO natural) potential. They make leveling it so hard because of all the different mats needed that it's expensive and time-consuming to keep it up with your character's level so you can make useful items to match your current level. You're often making lower level crap just to get your Eng leveled up which you can't auction and can only sell to a vendor for a fraction of the cost.

For the record, I thought Explosive Sheep the coolest thing ever but it took forever for my alt character to level up his Eng to make it and when I finally did - underwhelming as all get out and soon after my character naturally leveled out of the sheep's useful phase. All that work for a fizzle. I almost quit my account over that. I still remember a friend laughing himself sick when I finally got one made and all it did was walk about for a little bit then flop down and die while my character was getting chewed up by a MOB. Wasn't too impressive in BGs either.

Blizz, let the creativity flow and make this profession the cool profession it was truly meant to be.

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