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I have not read every comment or post on this subject, however, getting to roughly page 13 on each I can sum up the fact that Blizzard is trying and a great majority of the People who play WoW are either Cyberbullies and are harping on Blizz or are Cybergoodies who are defending Blizz. Either way QQing is not going to make this implemented any faster.

If I may, the current system allows "Battle.net Account Bound" items to be sent VIA the in-game mail regardless of faction. When you try to send additional items within the confines of the same mail it states "Target not Friendly". If Blizzard was able to come up with the genius of not being able to send gold and items that are not "Account Bound" Cross-Faction then they are just a little ways away from coming out with Cross-Realm.

If I may again, Whatever restriction you have on the current mailing system that does not allow you to mail normal items Cross-Faction could be tweeked a little to help implement the BoA Cross-Realm and not allow other items like Gold or BoE's like the Blizz dude mentioned in his first post. (Dudette if its a chick). Now with this restriction the only thing you need to do is add the ability to mail Cross-Realm with either a realm name at the end of the character name or a drop down menu to choose from after selecting a box that states "Realm Transfer" or somthing like that. Example of the end of name version would look like, Samiel - The Venture Co. or Samiel - Emerald Dream. I would provide an example of the latter but I am no code junkie and have better things to do with my free time (right now I'm at work) than to spend it not being the Richest Person on the Venture Co Realm.

Anyways to end this comment if Blizzard would like help developing this into the game all I need as a sample or example of the Current Mailing system that allows Cross-Faction so I know what type of codding we are dealing with and since I am a Video Game Designer Myself can offer my services for a small charge of getting this implemented sooner. You can reach me VIA my E-mail on my Battle.net account so feel free to send me what I need so I can help speed up this Process. Writing Code is what I do for a living so while I'm at work I can do it for my gaming as well.

Servers are separate. You characters on each server are separate from each other, completely. What you do or earn on 1 server, can not be passed to another server without completely transferring your entire character. Understand?
I believe my solution, which Ive posted on these forums before at least 6 months ago, is still the most efficient.

A battle.net account bound bank tab. Where all heirlooms can be placed, and removed, by any character, at any time. This entirely fixes the problem, and from a technical standpoint should be easiest system to implement. The only draw back is requiring bank access, which means not having the item from the start, but requiring you to make a trip to the bank.

Considering I am the one who pioneered the idea of transmogrification, entirely describing the system months before it was announced, Id like to think my ideas are semi competent.
I'll say it again:

Bind-on-account is NOT a permission, people, it is a limitation.

ALL ITEMS (with the single exception of conjured items in instances, I hadn't considered that when I wrote my original post), ARE SERVER-BOUND. Bind-on-account is an additional limitation placed on that particular item that restricts movement of it only to characters associated with your account.
A lot of these methods have been stated before and it's really nothing new to blizzard. The system has to be perfect, it can't just be a cheap hack that leads to more problematic technical issues later.

If you mail something to that other server, something has to confirm it was a legitimate transaction, that it was properly received, that the player exists on that server, that the player belongs to your account, etc. All of these things eating up processing time that the servers would be handling other things that only your server's characters would normally tie up.

If you open this up to every server and let them send these mail transactions directly to a specific server your asking for lag.


If the void storage added a new ability that tossed the stored item id from your void storage to a regional (EU/NA) blizzard 'wire service' server, which associated those stored item ids with your battle.net account and allowed you to assign the item id to a specific character on any of your servers (via the website account controls), it'd remove much of the inter-server communication needs. A total inter-server mail system is just a headache. It has to be a solution that won't require massive amounts of time to implement considering it's being established to just transfer BoAs (a tiny aspect of the game).

The transactions could be store the ids for an hour and then release it back onto the originating character, locking it to that character for 7 days (to prevent abusive behavior), if it wasn't claimed.
10/05/2011 05:56 PMPosted by Zarhym
In short, they agree that the process of mailing heirlooms around constantly is a little annoying. We'd prefer to try and work ourselves away from the method of mailing out BoA items in the future, like pets, mounts, etc. To that end, we have some design goals in mind that would improve this sort of item distribution system. And with those design goals have come some ideas for changing heirloom mechanics. This is sort of contrary to the idea I stated in this thread about just designing the system to allow players to mail their heirlooms all around their accounts without realm restrictions.
What exactly are these ambitions and mechanic changes? I'm interested to know, since, as you said, your original post derives from this. Please tell me it's not a currency transfer...

Forgive me if the dev team has already though of this, but I'm going to throw it out there.

Just like void storage, which is separate from regular storage; create a secondary mail system. Call it something funky, or punny, or anything. I know the coding would be completely different from a secondary storage, but the idea starts from somewhere. So, start with creating the mail system, change the way heirlooms are recognized in the database, then allow only these specific coded items into the secondary mail system. Another reference to in-game features--trade window, anything BoE can be traded, but BoP/Soulbound cannot. A similar concept would need to be implemented to make it work. Lastly, and advanced method of selecting your character to send the mail to. Right now, we just have to type in a name. Implement drop down selections based solely on your battle.net account. So, say I have 10 Horde on Zang, which I do, then say I have 3 Horde on Server X, and 4 Alliance on Server Y. This character for instance is holding the heirlooms. I start by selecting Server Y, then I select the Alliance character I wish to send mail to.

Yes, typing an idea is simple, but I'm sure you guys can and have created amazing codes to make things work, and this could be one of them... if it's what you're after.

So, I'm reading through this thread, and I see a lot of people complaining about the so-called "buy-one-get-many" principle, because it's not how the system was designed.

Okay, fine. I get that; I understand it. But do understand that ideas can change with time, and more often than not, they do.

Now, I'm not saying whether this should happen or it shouldn't, but what harm, precisely, would be done to the game by implementing a system like this for heirloom gear?

If you can provide real, tangible examples of the negativity or regression that such a change would cause, I'm sure more people would be more open to hearing and understanding your opposition and/or complaints...

To further refute the idea of making Heirlooms work similarly to the duplicating pets, please make note of the fact that all the duplicating pets are BoP.

Also make note of the fact that pets cannot be "doubled up" even if one were to obtain multiple copies of the pet.

Conversely, Heirloom items are not restricted to a single character, and can, in fact, be doubled up on for additional benefit in some cases. Trinkets and dual-wieldable weapons.

In addition, one can log on and play multiple WoW accounts on the same Battle.net account, and use this system to outfit multiple characters and play them at the same time - for the price of one item each.

Two-or-more-for-the-price-of-one is something that Blizzard probably doesn't want to endorse with these items, when each copy of the item gives additional gameplay benefit.

Make them unique-equipped? How would you then compensate the individuals who legitimately earned two copies of the item?

Make them BoP? They would then need to be referred to as something other than "Bind on Battle.net Account" and "Heirlooms", as neither of those names would be in line with the items' new functionality.

Ultimately, making BoBNA items mailable across servers is just about the only solution that doesn't present more problems than it fixes.

as far as BoA weapons go, the restrictions could be set to main hand, and off hand. Trinkets could be done unique-equiped, and they could add a couple variations for those that like to double up. Mailing BoA items is not the only solution. It just requires thinking outside the box insteaed of sticking with the original design. The original design doesnt always work. As has been proven with patch after patch and hotfix after hotfix. And I think most everyone will agree that the design in use for hierlooms as of now is flawed. Or this thread wouldnt exist.
10/05/2011 11:41 AMPosted by Zarhym
Such a system does not exist yet and provides a weighty technical challenge -- we need to make sure there are no adverse effects to making in-game mail cross-realm. For instance, just because we want you to be able to send BoA items to any character on your account, regardless of realm, doesn't necessarily mean we want to open Pandora's box by allowing anyone to mail anything not BoP cross-realm.

Gold sink anyone?

Overnight, Overseas shipping costs a bundle, right?. Wrap a package store?

Character doesn't use the mailbox interface to ship something to another realm, but goes to an Ethereal in Stormspire and has it shipped... for a price.

Has the benefit of a separate UI dialog for the shipper, and doesn't impact the regular mailbox interface.
No, this was my fault. I'm not playing developer. I'm being a community manager by speaking to you on behalf of the company. He's being a designer by helping develop this game, which doesn't give him the time to play community manager.

I'm sure posting his cellphone # so i can put it on speed dial the next time i BG can only end positively.
10/05/2011 11:41 AMPosted by Zarhym
Can you see the difference between us mailing every single character on your account on every single realm an item, versus allowing you to mail a single item to any character on your account on any realm? It's a very big one as far as programming is concerned.

I can.. of course everyone has their own ideas of how they think it can work - even if it's more complex than it needs to be.

I can't tell if your last sentence is sarcasm or not but if it is, it takes a lot more than nine steps for them to implement something of this stature. My last post even made it sound like it was easy but only someone with a Coding background like me can appreciate the time and effort it takes to write out the code for something like this. My guess is that it will take roughly a few thousand, if not few hundred-thousand, lines of code to get this thing up and running if not more. Hell WoW itself more than likely has more lines of code than Pi has decimal places...BTW for those who are not Math Savvy, Pi goes on Forever according to our Mathematicians.

On the subject of Pi, I personally disagree with Pi never ending because if it didn't then Circles wouldn't be Circles. They would be swirls. A circle can end if you start at one point and go around back to the same point, yes you can continue and never have to leave the confines of the circles edge, however, once you go around one full time you have completed the cycle. A swirl is different though. It never ends if going outward from the center. Now if we also take into fact that people believe that "History repeats itself" Then we can construct a diagram of a Swirl, place important events (Massacres, Genocides, Wars, Declarations of Independence, Discoveries, and even Extinctions) on the swirl in a calculated way, we will see that these events, in a way, do line up and a line can be drawn connecting them from the center of the swirl to the outermost edge.

Time is not like a infinite loop, yet it is infinite. Even after our world dies and our sun burns out, time will still pass. Time can not be stopped, it can not be rewound, and it certainly can not be sped up. It can only be traversed and at most paused. When we are able to develop vessels that can travel at the speed of light or faster we will not be "traveling back in time" like all those star wars and star trek guys say. Instead we will be simply be traveling so fast that time sort of Pauses, yet not really, it just seems so because we arrive at our destination and very little if not no time has passed. Now before I blow anymore minds tonight I am signing off by saying this final note. Blizzard is awesome, they are not gods, so stop harping on them because eventually being human will cause them to not want to provide for us anymore and they will move on to better things. Lets be greedy like we were made to be and use them as much as we can before this happens so please give positive feedback not all this crap I am seeing of people who "think" they know what they are talking about and think they know how to write code...

Cheers and Goodnight!
I just want to point out something about this.

I was playing a game from Aeria Games called Eden Eternal. They have a mechanic in there called an Archive system. Basically, what you did was you put in an item, usually high quality or what you bought off of their item mall into this system and it would be accessible to all characters on that one realm. They even had slots grayed out for what was allowed to be in there to begin with.

I know, copying mechanics from other games is wrong and all, but just give it some thought.

I think the fact that you guys have called these items Bind on Account leads to implications that it's account-wide. Heirlooms are clearly NOT account-wide items (without paying extra $ to make them so). But since you have called them that since day 1, that is why WE, the players, generally want them useable on our ACCOUNT, instead of a single faction on a single server.

Given that the expectation is that they are account items, I would think treating them like the various free pets would be the way to go (we could simply delete the extras we get with new characters). That functionality is already in the game, and it would mean the items actually acted like their description, even if it's not the way YOU at Blizzard would like them to act.

The system you describe (being able to mail across servers/factions to any of your own toons) would be a great one. But these heirlooms have been in the game for 3 years, labeled as Bind on Account, yet still clearly are NOT account bound.

That's why it rightly looks like making them act as they seem to be supposed to act looks to be "not on your agenda".

Somebody might have mentioned this already, but I'm going to make the point again, anyway.

All items, without exception, are bind-to-server. Thus, there is no moving of items between servers except by the paid character transfer. Some items have additional restrictions placed on them that further limit how they may be moved. Soulbound items are restricted to a specific character and cannot be moved at all.

Bind-on-account is not a permission, it is a limitation. It restricts movement of the item in question to other characters that are on your account. It goes without saying that the item can only be moved to other characters on that particular server, because that's the case for every item you have.

You aren't owed the ability to transfer your BoAs across server. Depending on how void storage works, you *might* gain the ability to do this, and if so, be thankful for it.

Otherwise, stop griping.

Even though it is a limitation, the limitation implicates that it is bound to the account, rather than Bind-On-Server. A change to the tag would resolve many arguments, and it would provide Blizzard with a bit more time to try and create a system where we (the players) could somehow use heirlooms across multiple servers, without having to server change a character with a bag full of Bind-On-Account gear.
10/05/2011 08:54 PMPosted by Karris
Considering I am the one who pioneered the idea of transmogrification, entirely describing the system months before it was announced, Id like to think my ideas are semi competent.

Thanks for the hearty laugh.
You mean, there's more to it than just putting a drop down box for realm on the in-game compose mail window?? You actually have to write code to make the mail GO there?

Who knew?

Just my personal opinion, but as so many have suggested, I think the reason they remain realm restricted unless you pay $25 is because Blizzard wants the $25.

Its their game, and its a legitimate decision they have the right to make, but the irritation comes imo from the years of calling them BOA, when they are not really and are treated differently than other BOA items, because the rationales given over all this time do not seem valid, and its been going on so long.

Compromise. Charge a one time fee to make each item truly BOA like other truly BOA items.
Make it a reasonable fee. And get it done. This gives you a reasonable profit, yet does not just ripoff customers.

It also gives players increased motivation to continue playing. And ultimately, unless you keep players playing, they will stop paying monthly subscriptions and buy -0- of the extras you are making so much money off.

Compromise and get it done.

As for the poster who said BOA items were realm restricted, every time I make a new characters I get other BOA items such as pets, even on servers where the character is my first character on that server.

The BOA has been treated inconsistently by Blizzard and that has caused problems. Ducking the clear inconsistentcy is not helping.
Hello all,

Zarhym here again. :)

So, after making a trip to the doctor and having some blood stolen,

0_o Hope your in good health. Hope whatever tests you had done come back with a clean bill of health. My prayers go out to you, Sir.

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