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I want a blue post from an official Blizzard employee that clearly stats what you said it means.

So you want Blizzard to teach you English?

Good luck with that.

I want a blue post from an official Blizzard employee that clearly stats what you said it means.

So you want Blizzard to teach you English?

Good luck with that.

No, what Blizzard means could be something completely different than what others get from it. For example, people can argue on either side that Bind-On-Account is an abstract concept and implies more, while others say it is what it explicitly states.
well u mind as well change the name from bind to acct too bind to server make more sence im sorry makes not a bit of sence saying bind to acct when it is really not its a bit retarded
10/05/2011 10:43 PMPosted by Blazein
well u mind as well change the name from bind to acct too bind to server make more sence im sorry makes not a bit of sence saying bind to acct when it is really not its a bit retarded
Bind on Server would be an incorrect tag for the items, using any logic presented by the two "tag truth or lack thereof" camps.

Explicit: Items can indeed be moved off the server, tag is wrong. Alternatively, tag states items behave the same as unbound items, when they do not, tag is wrong.
Implicit: Items can't be moved to all the characters on the server (only characters associated with your Battle.net account), tag is wrong.
In my opinion, heirlooms should just be removed and people who have bought them should be given JP/honour compensation. A lot of people who have heirlooms are just plain rude and expect that everyone else should use them.
all i can say is its blizzards game there the ones making it, there not forcing you to do anything (server transfer etc) and none of yous work for blizzard so how can yous sit here and try to tell them whats what with there "technical limitation".

I myself think sending BOA's to other characters would be a great idea but yous cant expect blizzard to jump the gun at every idea yous post and then hate on them when they've given you a perfectly good reason as to why they can't do certain things.

I'm all for a...call it a "checkout" system, kinda like library books.

Once you acquire an Heirloom you would go to a specific vendor (Hint: These should be set up in starter areas as well as capital cities) and check out your Heirloom. As long as one character has that particular Heirloom, no other character could get it until you turn it back in to the vendor.

Yeah, you ask, but how is this different from just mailing it? Simple, I say, it flat out doesn't use the mail and instead uses a different mechanic. No more worries about cross-realm mail shenanigans...
Possible solution:

1. Flag BoA so they show up on B.net account.
2. Create similar system to character server transfer.

Grab BoA from toon A on server 1 and move to toon B on Server 2.
Big deal if you gotta wait 1-2 hours at least its happening. But this would steer away from the in game mail theme mentioned.

As OP said, here's my $0.02.
At the very least, glad to hear that it is something that you are discussing.

People are really taking these items for granted and forgetting that it could be worse. We could have to level our toons *GASP* without them, or as it is now known, the "hard" way.

If you guys made Movies for world of warcraft i garentee you a lot more people would play. it would be sooo epic. so everyone could see the history from the beginning.
4 Warcraft Movies!

1 Movie : Coming of the horde (First war)

2 Movie : Return of the Orcs (Second War)

3 Movie : Lich kings Revenge (From The start were Arthas becomes lich king

4 Movie : Rage of Deathwing (Cataclysm)

Would be epic if they made this, So people will see the Warcraft story from the begining!
Zarhym just brought it lol
Should be like this:

3,500 JP to "unlock" a specific BoA item for all characters on all realms for that account.

Then what...like 1,200g to actually purchase it. Bind on Pickup.

You'd eventually unlock all the BoA (something to use JP on for once), and then purchase them with gold on your alt. The pieces would then be Soulbound, but the gear's unlocked so you can go back and purchase another for a different toon on any realm. Makes sense.

Dunno if it's at all possible but whatever, I'm no genius ;)
heirlooms cost a lot of time to get,(JP) especially when you have to get them across servers, it really puts a damper on leveling a new character, or even venturing outside of your "main realm". I understand heirlooms arent necessary but its one of those things once you have them its hard to not want them, to the point of not playing because you dont have them.

Heirlooms arent the time sink your looking for.
thx bro

i got blood stolen the other day...i hate that !@#$, but its kinda cool seeing the pretty colors when i start to faint
How to solve this problem: Allow us to get BoAs on another server without paid transfer, or flat out tell us to stop asking cuz you will never do such a thing. Very simple, make customer happy or make them mad.

You have to earn the ability to purchase each BoA item. You're not unlocking access to a BoA item which can then be duplicated for every character on an account. You're buying one item. But, that item can be given (not duplicated) to any character on the same account and realm via the in-game mail. What we want to build into Battle.net is the ability for this type of item to be mailed to any character on your account, regardless of realm. Such a system does not exist yet and provides a weighty technical challenge -- we need to make sure there are no adverse effects to making in-game mail cross-realm. For instance, just because we want you to be able to send BoA items to any character on your account, regardless of realm, doesn't necessarily mean we want to open Pandora's box by allowing anyone to mail anything not BoP cross-realm.

Well, if you are worried about opening Pandora's box with a cross-realm mailing system, why use that method to transfer BOAs in the first place? Simply create another, safer method. Perhaps something in the BNET account page? Easier said than done, I know, buuuut...

Promoting this idea for selfish reasons: Why not a free, once a month, single character transfer (with the only items able to be transferred in the inventory/bank are BOAs, no gold)?
Ok after an extensive amount of time reading the "rants" that people have about BoAs I've finally decided to add my 2 cents. The Limitation that Blizz is referring too is server configurations. Trying to make something and sending it to a different server (whether it's on the same physical network or not) can be a huge problem. You can't cluster your servers to allow just that one thing to be sent across servers, it just doesn't work that way. The main issue is figuring out how to program the game to allow that type of transfer. Yes blizz has some top notch programmers but you can't just assume that they know everything there is to know about programming. These people are just humans and they have limitations just like the rest of us. And before anyone starts running off at the mouth I do hold a Bachlors in networking and telecommunications. Yes, I would love to see BoAs able to be sent to other servers, however, currently the programming doesn't allow for that. Trying to come up with a programming solution is a very complex thing so before any of you start throwing a fit why don't you sit down and physically write out the programming yourself. I'm pretty sure that if you could do it Blizz would probably give you a job.

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