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Just a response to the Blue trackers....

Make the purchase of the first Heirloom item A an achievement. Since achievements are becoming account wide unlocking the achievement makes all Heirloom item A unlocked for all accounts. No major code, no major updates since everything I have listed to this point exists or will exist in game as soon as MoP drops.

Just a thought.

MoP, character achievements are becoming account wide.
Cata, unlock achievement and have enough guild rep and you can buy a unique pet.

Translates to.... Player buys heirloom A for toon A on server A at full price and gains achievement for buying heirloom A. Player goes to toon B on server B who now has achievement from toon A buying heirloom A because of account wide achievements. Now toon B can also buy heirloom A because the achievement made the item purchasable for much less so that a low level toon with little income can buy.

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