[A] Seriously Casual 25man Recruitment

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Grats on Rag guys!
grats dudes
Hey, grats on Ragnaros!
Free bump, congrats on the kill!
10/04/2011 01:17 AMPosted by Digerati
Looking for a strong Warlock!
Looking for Warlocks of the strong variety!
Why isn't this at the top?
wish this was a sticky :(
tuskar trying to be on top again
wtb warlockers.
10/11/2011 10:46 PMPosted by Propayne
how much would you pay for me? i can be bought

Eww. Too orange for my taste.
I'm orange too ; )
10/12/2011 12:14 PMPosted by Kursed
I'm orange too ; )

Uhh no..are you blind? You're purple like me; hence awesome.
I meant the staff : /

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