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Moon Guard
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-Lifting a single talon from her side, she placed the metal tip upon the stained pages within her tome. A low audible hum began to form while the darkened ebon magics manifested within the palm of her hand. Conjuring her shadow energy she forced it to form words, burning them into the pages of her journal. A slight pause of her hand cause her to glance up, wincing her glowing orbs from beneath her cowl. Slowly she traced her eyes over each of those that were gathered. Almost softly she spoke, the guttural sound of her words passing over her parted lips.-
"While serving the Dark Lady we have been given the opportunity to form segments for our various skills. So, which skill is it that you have to offer us?"

Basic info and guidelines for the Hand of Vengeance:

<>Guild Applications- All applications must be reviewed by an officer. The Officers must respond to the applicant within the week by contacting through whispers or mail to set up an interview. If the Applications are not approved then it will be removed from the application thread.

<>Interns (the new members) are to remain as interns until they progress and develop which profession they wish their character to obtain. The characters must be in the guild at least two weeks before their rank can be changed. OR they can become a higher rank (such as Lightslayer) if they are strictly just PvP characters. The only characters that should be changed from intern upon being added into the guild are guild member alts. No one is allowed to be given the title of "Apothecary" or "Deathguard" just because they are great RPers that wish to join the guild, it has to be earned just like the rest of our members had to do for their ranks.

<>Officers- The officers should be contacted if there is a complaint to be made or any other in game reason. The officers can be reached for questions and concerns about the guild or even just for advice. A list of the current officers will be updated as they progress. These are the current officers that may be contacted.

<> Bolsar- Head of the Deathguard
<> Aeterik- Plaguebringer/Necromancer
<> Dusksworn- High Shadowmender/Apothecary
<> Puthrick- Demonologist
<> Octavious - Lead Deathstalker
<> Sibelius- Head Surgeon
<> Thayrin- Head Plaguebringer
<> Riggamortis- Teacher/Apothecary
<> Celeste- Plague Doctor
<> Lemmey

<>PvP Events- During RP based PvP events anyone that is above the level of 80 is automatically expected to be flagged. Anyone below the level of 60 that attends does not have to be flagged unless they choose to be. There will be no rezzing in the middle of a fight until the round/fight is over. Then you may rez or use a soulstone.

<>Scheduling Events- When scheduling events on the calendar please be sure to inform the guild (or at least the members on presently) that an event has been posted.

<>Phased Areas- The Hand of Vengeance operates in several areas that require completed quest lines. The main location that is used for RP is the Sludge Fields in Hillsbrad. The quest chain can be started at the South point gate outside of Hillsbrad/Silverpine. The other phased area that HoV uses is the Ruins of Gilneas. Both of the quest lines leading up to these areas are strongly encouraged to be completed in order to be active in majority of the RP that takes place within the Eastern Kingdoms.

<>Behavior- The Hand of Vengeance is viewed as a whole as any other RP guild is when members RP. The actions taken by one single person can reflect on the entire guild. HoV has the same basic regulations for trolling against others and insulting. The tolerance for rudeness and insults will result in a warning system (If the complaint made against said person is minor. If not it will result in termination from the guild.) which means after three warnings against the aggressive character they will be removed from the guild and terminated, this includes alts as well. Remember to respect your fellow guildies as well as others.
Ranks within THoV

Plague Bringer: Those within the Apothecary that wish to dedicate their involvement mainly with the creation of the Plague or even Necromancy. To reach this rank one would have to become a full Apothecary and meet the requirements before advancing to become a Plague Bringer. (Mostly for Warlock and Shadow Priests).

Surgeon: The scalpel wielders of THoV. Those that offer medical services and knowledge to perform operation. A Surgeon would start as an intern and then advance to becoming a nurse or trauma aid. Most of the patients would be living especially for performing clinicals.

DeathGuard: The military troops for the HoV that offer protection to the members, as well as any other Forsaken they are ordered to guard. Mostly the classes that are non cloth wearers.

Apothecary: “Pharmacist” who has the knowledge of various potions and elixirs. The Apothecary can be the beginning branch to various other ranks within the guild once the standard rank is obtained.

Blight Zealot: Officers within the guild.

Lightslayer: (This is just a rank for the alts that do not wish to become a part of any of the other ranks, unless they wish to play as lightslayers from the cult of forgotten shadow.)

Intern: New guild member. Interns can either choose to become students for a future rank within the guild or apply to become a DeathGuard. A player in the intern position has the chance to become familiar with the other guild members and discover what profession or area it is that would interest them.
Greetings, fellow Forsaken (and breathers). The Hand of Vengeance would like to thank everyone that has supported us thus far, and we hope that everyone continues to do so. We look forward to providing evil and sinister role play for moonguard for many more months to come.

<>New guild updates.



A few changes have undergone for us. This includes changes in officers, application process, rules and regulations and even layout for our website. I will start by providing the link to our new updated site, which has a section for all things guild related and even how to get started for applying.

<>The above website has sections for our forum, basic info of our guild, photo gallery of the guild members and guild artwork, guild ranks and contact info which includes email as well as our facebook and even a section that goes over Forsaken related questions and answers. We even have a nice little section to sign up for doctor's appointments! :)

Applicants please go to the application section of the site.

I am... Apothecary Darkwater... And I approve this message.. <3
*A pair of golden eyes peer over the silver hood that half covered his face. A slight narrowing of them caused the view of his eyes to squint while his long fingers started to tap against the surface of a table.* "It would seem more are rising to serve the cause that -he- has left behind."
Why yes.. Yes it is.. Why don't you just take a seat over there next to the table of surgical tools and we'll... Begin.
Woah, we post capped.


Woah, we post capped.



I want to pave the road with your bodies.
Thank you for the offer sir, but I must respectfully decline...

Turns out I am not a very good cement compound.
Slackers, the lot of you. On page TWO, no less.

*shakes her head*

Thanks for the lovin's miss breather. <3
If you grind up the bones and mix a little water, then you have a fantastic compound for cement.
Really, now?

Hmm... Research must be done on this...
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