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Okay guise. I need a lil decision making help here. What do you think is the best UI addon(s) for a mut pve rogue/sub pvp rogue. Or just rogue in general. If you can post link on where to DL and/or a picture of said UI.
Here's my UI

All you need is your brain man.
Rogue power bars is good, easy to get setup and configure. It doesn't clutter the crap out of your screen if you set it up to show minimal buffs/debuffs.
Here's my UI

All you need is your brain man.

I like those little eagles on your bottom bars, what addon is that?

Here's my UI

All you need is your brain man.

I like those little eagles on your bottom bars, what addon is that?

not sure if serious...
IceHud and Power auras are both good.

I suck at PvP, but gladius is helpful to me.
Depends exactly what you want, some good addons I have used/do use are:

Power Auras (Must have imho) - I use it to track deadly poisons stacks, and a few other
important buffs/debuffs.

Ice Hud - Many uses, but I use it soley to track Rupture, Slice and Dice, combo points
and energy.

KG Panels - Basically allowes you to put a sizeable box anywhere on your screen,
very handy if configured/used correctly.

Omni CC - Adds easy to see counters to your buttons with CD abilities.

Bartender - Bars

Button Facade - Allows different looking skins to be applied to buttons.

Quartz - I only use this for cast bars, but it can track a great range of things.

AG Unit Frames - Up untill it stopped working :(

As well as the usual, DBM, Recount and Omen.

There are a few others, but they are the main ones that I can think of atm. Some of the above overlap a little in function so I have disabled one or more aspects of each to try and keep clutter to a minimum.

I am not really a fan of the all in one UI set ups that you can download, as I would rather spend the time and customise something specifically to suit my needs.

I used to swear by rogue power bars until i found raven. You can configure it in exactly the same way, but you can also add trinkets and all sorts of custom buffs/debuffs as well as cooldown timers.

The alerts on cd's are also invaluable in a raiding environment when most of your focus is on raid mechanics, rather than "is vendetta up yet?".
I use rogue power bars for buff/debuff tracking w/ NeedtoKnow for ICD watch and Comergy for energy/points/hp
It may be possible to drop rogue power bars and customize NeedtoKnow for debuff/buff tracking, but I haven't gone through option settings in forever, so just sticking with what's worked throughout this expansion

I know a good majority of players swear on PowerAuras. That might be a good addon to start with, when designing your personal UI

p.s. I know mine is messy, unattractive-- will probably spend a few hours before 4.3 and rework my setup
basic ui

its got everything you need now a days including movable unit frames
Here's my UI

All you need is your brain man.

Gief ping, FFFFFU aussy ping.
I use X-Perl and Rage Bar.

X-Perl is amazing. Any debuffs or bleeds you do on a mob or a boss makes it HUGE!!! I can see my timer on Rapture. Plus it makes your toons and everyone elses in 3D ;)

Rage Bar I use for my Priest, Hunter, Rogue (hehe), Warrior, and Warlock too. This addon makes your Energy, Mana, Rage, and Focus a moveable bar. I made this big too. I like it on my War and Rogue the most.
just found gUI it's fantastic very neat and clean and just needs heatsink for watching buffs, debuffs, and cool downs, oh and bandits guile helper.

Just hit 85 on my rogue few days ago, still working on everything.

I like those little eagles on your bottom bars, what addon is that?

not sure if serious...

Dude has horrible res or tiny monitor... you don't see the eagles then.
My UI:

Debuffs appear between my action bars and buff bars as red bars. Generally speaking though, everything I have on the UI is just for the aesthetics. I like a more clean UI and the blizzard one just doesn't do it for me. Looks aside, the blizzard UI is much better than it used to be and it certainly gives you everything you need.

The question always is: What do you want?
Lets see if this works..

buffs on right, only shows recup/snd and envenom
debuffs mid, only shows CC's, blackjack and rupture.
I use this, though I loathe PvE:

Stopped using all addons after GladiatorLOS_SA came out. I don't like having the game played for me.

I moved my player, target, and focus unitframes via Blizzard finally giving us some flexibility.

Just make a macro or type the following upon logging to remove gryphons:
/run MainMenuBarLeftEndCap:Hide(); MainMenuBarRightEndCap:Hide()

I've got most my settings turned down to Good, except for Particle Effects since my computer's powered by a hamster in a wheel. Need the spell effects to see flag caps/ground effects though.

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