Can't log into wow

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I just got home from work, and I log in to wow and it gets stuck at connecting then it disconnects me. Is anyone else having this problem??
Same thing is happening to me.
Yep same problem here
Yup... Just started happening about 10 mins ago
Same here, I'm sure it will get resolved in time though.
Yep, having the same problem
Aye. Hanging at connecting.
Yep, no luck here either.
Same issue here, can't reach the login server. Will dump info if needed.
Same here
yup. same here
Yep. Same thing happened to me. =/
I am having the same problem!!
Just happened to me but it finally let me back in. Only bnet isnt working now.
Some of my guildies in vent have said that battle net keeps going off and on in game, so I'm assuming there is an issue with battle net right now. went, so I logged off to try and reset it... then everything went.

We're currently investigating an issue with logins at this time. I don't have much more information than that, at the moment, but it may be related to the Starcraft II maintenance.

As soon as I hear additional information, I'll let you folks know. Keep an eye on our @BlizzardCS Twitter feed too!
ditto. and i was just on a couple minutes ago..
Same. Connecting from Connecticut through comcast

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