CLUB TRIX - Fridays at the Gadgetzan AH!

Wyrmrest Accord
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It's Friday! Do you know what you'll be wearing to the club tonight yet?
Apparently, I'm told we're also broadcasting to an alternate universe? DAMN! That's some hype!

Some chick named Prella apparently set something up in the parlor. I don't know how it works, I just play music and somehow it goes to this alternate universe. *heh*

However, if you want to see the DJs, or at least me, you gotta remain in this reality! ;)


7p-8p - Pre-show (DJ Oraizen (psy))
8p-9p - The Masque of Clubs (Gobstep)
9p-10:15p - DJ Trixxiz
10:15p-close - DJ Pixy's Schizophonia
Tonight's lineup:

8-8.30: Ian Dandenault (Trouse)
8.30-10.15: Antonio Leone (Trance)
10.15+: DJ Particle
For the pre-show, time to harken back to the days of when our host city was still part of Hillsbrad! Some Dalaran Freestyle dance music to tide you over until the main show! That's 7pm local realm time!
Tonight! With guest dj Shakes with a techno mix.

Tonight's lineup:

8-9: Shakes (Techno)
9-10.15: Antonio Leone (Trance)
10.15+: DJ Particle
And the pre-show (7p-8p) will be another 2001 mix from the late Almighty DJ Milla :)
What a great night it was!

Because I'm moving cross-country this week, I'm preparing music for next week just in case anything goes wrong during the move. (Last time, my good computer died, and a lot of music was lost with it.) Next week will be week #69 of Club Trix. Those of you who know the significance of that number should know what to expect.

Next week's broadcast (and only next week's broadcast) will be R rated. Or X rated? Whichever.

And yes, I'm gonna drop some Ron Jeremy on y'all.
I got my library of E-Rotic ready for the afterparty!
This week, we had to change stream hosting services, so be sure to use the "Tune In" link on the main Shivtr site to make sure you get the correct stream :)
NAXAROVA MIRA!!! It's Week 69, and you know what that means!

7p-8p - Pre-show (DJ Trixxiz)
8p-10:15p - DJ Trixxiz
10:15p-close - DJ Amy
Ah, wish I was there instead of where I am.
(old address no longer used)
Remember to go to CLUBTRIX.SHIVTR.COM to make sure you always get the correct stream! We finally have our new streaming home, hosted by CASTER.FM! :)
Hey babes! It's time for another great night at CLUB TRIX!!


7p-8p - Pre-show
8p-9p - The Masque of Clubs (Gobstep)
9p-10:15p - DJ Trixxiz (House/Trance)
10:15p-close - DJ Pixy's Schizophonia
Just got home from work, nomin' the dinner, then cleaning up the kitchen mess... so I'll be on after that, but I'm enjoying the tunes while I eat!

7p-8p - Pre-show
8p-9p - DJ Valliac
9p-10:15p - DJ Trixxiz (House/Trance)
10:15p-close - DJ Amy's Schizophonia
Looks like starting this week, shout-outs will be easier than ever, as we'll have a brand new Interlinguistic Realtime Corkboard, known for short as "the IRC". The boss lady's making some great improvements that I can't WAIT to use!

Seeyas on Friday, babes!

7p-8p - Pre-show
8p-10:15p - DJ Trixxiz (House/Trance)
10:15p-close - DJ Pixy's Schizophonia

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