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Wyrmrest Accord
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New feature has been rolled out on the website -- it's got several themes to choose from! Just look down towards the bottom of the page, below the donations button.

Currently available skins are: Exodar, Bilgewater Harbor, Purple Parlour, Vashj'ir, "Old Skool," Skyline, Ionia, and Solidarity. As I continue to work on the code, each theme may grow in its variance from the others, and more might be added. The script has been tested and works in Internet Explorer, Opera, and Chrome. You can also bookmark your favourite theme by using and changing 0 with the number of the theme you like.

0 = Skyline (Default)
1 = Bilgewater Harbour
2 = Purple Parlour
3 = Vashj'ir
4 = Old Skool
5 = Exodar (Default when visiting from )
6 = Ionia St.
7 = Solidarity


7p-8p - Pre-show
8p-10:15p - DJ Trixxiz
10:15p-close - DJ Amy's Schizophonia
Always fun, thanks! :D
Tonight I will not be live; I will be at City Lights Music Festival in Grand Rapids, MI.

However, I have an excellent set recorded with lots of vocals for you vocal-lovers out there which Particle will be streaming for me!

8pm: DJ Aulu (Dubstep)
9pm: Antonio Leone (House & Trance)
10.15pm: DJ Particle

I will leave my chat running so if you hear something you like, say so! I'll be looking back through the chat after the weekend.
Stopped up / tuned in a few Fridays ago.

Good shtuff and good times. / salute.
Woooo, I'm bringin' the keg! And dancing on the tables again!
There's something insanely fun about Club Trix that I just can't put my finger on. You guys have managed to make listening to music and watching a bunch of pixels dance around something I actually look forward to now. I'll see you guys there!
Ok babes, let's do this!! :)


7p-8p - Pre-show (Almighty DJ Milla)
8p-9p - DJ Aulu
9p-10:15p - DJ Trixxiz
10:15p-close - DJ Pixy's Schizophonia
So when I came back and tried to wake my computer up, it crashed! So now I can't look back over the chat and see how y'all liked it. How was the music?
Themes have been switched around slightly. theme=0 and theme=5 have now been switched. 0 is now Skyline, and 5 is now Exodar. If you come to the site through the theme will remain as it always has. If you come to the site by typing in "" or by bookmarking that, you will now see that Skyline is the new default. You can switch back to Exodar by clicking "Exodar" in the list of themes near the bottom -- this will not interrupt playback of the music.

This change has been done to help market the broadcast itself to larger audiences.
Love Club Trix!
Everyone ready to BLOW $#!+ UP on the dance floor tonight?


7p-8p - Pre-show
8p-9p - DJ Jukebox
9p-10:15p - DJ Trixxiz
10:15p-close - DJ Amy's Schizophonia

NAXAROVA MIRA!!!! Drink 'til you *SEE* the mana energy in the air! :)
Everyone ready for tonight?!
Schedule for tonight is an extra long set from myself starting a little bit before 8 with some deep house and going all the way to Particle's set. If any of y'all miss the housey sounds from older Club Trixes, this is the night to tune in!
Gonna be a little late to the party, but Nezz will be in the Club tonight!

7p-8p - Pre-show
8p-10:15p - DJ Trixxiz
10:15p-close - DJ Pixy's Schizophonia
Trix is IN THE ZONE tonight!!! That's why she's going long, but don't worry, I'll still be up soon with the afterparty! :)
Is it Friday already? It's Friday already! Thank goodness it's Friday already!

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