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And the personal list of people to watch out for grows.

Edit: Also, page-maker bump.
Download & Playback for last night:

Masque of Clubs (Dubstep)

Antonio Leone (House & Trance)
New banner graphic unleashed! See it at or on the streaming page at
Awesome banner! :D
I need to work on a name for an official position. My as of yet unknown talents must be recognized by that banner!

They will be. Won't appear on the one on the radio page, but will on the wider one seen on the shivtr site in the empty area. I'm waiting on getting a shot of Bennylava first to balance out the other side.
I have yet to go to the new Club, I used to go to Club Lyon I think it was called when it was at the Exodar. Ah, good times.
It's still called Club Lyon for the alliance. =]
A couple small things...

NEW BANNER : looks great, but Midnight is 12 *am*, not pm

MY DJ PAGE: The banner is correct, but the write-up still mentions Polara. The write-up needs to be replaced with the version I posted to your Facebook messages. Also, since even I gave you the new write-up there's been another change, my comedy music show mentioned at the end is now called "Mad Music Top 20 Revenge"
Now that all the love stuff is over, it's time to party! Tonight! 8pm! You know where! :)
Tonight's schedule


7p-8p - "Moonlit Wanderlust" with DJ Trixxiz
8p-~10:15p - DJ Trixxiz
~10:15p-close - DJ Pixy's Schizophonia
Sorry about tonight, folks... the ol' mixerbox went mammaries skyward tonight! Need to re-calibrate it.

((basically, bad RAM caused my casting machine to have a hissy fit yesterday and trash its b-tree. I tried to reinstall using the migration assistant, but that borked too, causing all sorts of permissions problems. Back to troubleshooting....))

((UPDATE 1:15am server time -- Fixed. Ready for next week. All is as it once was))
Glad to know we won't be missing Club Trixx this week Pixiz! You guys rock and I love going to it just to see how many people we can shove in that room! XD
Due to last week's mixerbox malfunction, Amy's letting me do this week's afterparty. :)

((next week (3/9), I won't be on at all due to MarsCon))
Tonight's schedule


7p-8p - DJ Chandni
8p-~10:15p - DJ Trixxiz
~10:15p-close - DJ Pixy's Schizophonia
You'll have to pardon my voice tonight. One of my bombs went haywire yesterday and now my throat is all sore from the blasting powder. I knew I should have cut the fuschia wire instead of the chartreuse one!!

At least there are now a few kobolds who don't have to worry about their candles anymore...or much else, rather. It was a mercy killing! *heh*

See you tonight in the Purple Parlor for WEEK 61!
03/16/2012 09:37 AMPosted by Amÿlin
See you tonight in the Purple Parlor for WEEK 61!

Maybe we should do something special in eight weeks, eh? :P

Hope to see a great turnout tonight!
Tonight's schedule


7p-8p - Pre-show
8p-8:35p - The Masque of Clubs
8:35pp-10:15p - DJ Trixxiz
10:15p-close - DJ Amy's Schizophonia
Tonight's schedule - it's time to grab some floor again, babes!


7p-8p - Pre-show
8p-10:15p - DJ Trixxiz
10:15p-close - DJ Pixy's Schizophonia
Tonight's schedule - Valliac returns to CLUB TRIX tonight! :)


7p-8p - Pre-show
8p-9p - DJ Valliac
9p-10:15p - DJ Trixxiz
10:15p-close - DJ Amy's Schizophonia

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