Android Mobile Authenticator Connection Error

Mobile Bug Report
Hello hopefully this is the best place to ask about this.

I recently got a new Android phone and downloaded the Mobile Authenticator, I ran it once just to make sure it was working and then closed it.
A little later i went to switch my current one (keychain) for the mobile one and found that all it said was...


Network Error

I have tried clearing the cache and data several times along with uninstall/reinstall.
Pressing the menu button on my phone just brings up the language options for the app.
I have tried both WiFi and 3G/4G with the same results.
I also made sure i could connect to through the phone's browser.

Phone: Samsung Infuse 4G
Carrier: AT&T
OS: Android 2.2
Need an answer for this.... Any Blue please help?
Noctias, can you please provide some additional information? Device model, OS, jailbroken/rooted, and the app version. Describe the behavior and when it began. Also, are any other apps experiencing this same network issue?

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