Archaeology 525, now what?

I hit 525 archaeology last night. The only reason I bothered with it was for the bug mount. I have 11 rares made, but my question is. Where should I be digging now? Strictly Kalimdore? Is there a certain requirement of rares you must have made before you get the chance to create the bug mount?
To get the bug mount, you need to dig in Kalimdor because the bug mount is Tol'vir and that's the only place with tol'vir sites.

Due to the horrible implementation of archeology, you'll be spending 75+% of your time not getting tol'vir sites. When you do get tol'vir sites, be aware that you'll very likely get the ring of the boy emperor and the scarab of the sands, the rest of the tol'vir items seem to be much rarer.

Although Blizzard indicated they have plans to allow folks to focus on a specific race, they have not implemented said plans and there's no indication (yet) of whether it will be a part of 4.3.
from what i've seen on these forums, the only thing left to do in archaeology after you hit 525 is complain
Yes, just do Kalimdor. From what I've read, you are likely to get the ring and the necklace as Tol'vir rares before the mount and the pet and the mount usually come a bit after that and have about the same chance of turning up. The weapons are the super rares of the Tol'vir ones.

I'm not sure exactly how many rares total I had when I got the mount but I'm pretty sure I finished off all of the Night Elf and Fossil rares before it. I had the usual ring, neck and crawling claw pet from Tol'vir before the mount showed up.

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