[H] Advent Fury 25m 8/8H

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Das bump.
Bumping it up
bump for guild recruitment spam!

Looking for excellent players to shower in purple pixles!

Also recruitment updated!
Too low too quick!
Looking for excellent hunter type dps and healers for dragon soul!
Keepin' it @ the top!
Bump for 4.3 today!
bump for 7/8 in one week.

And if im not mistaken #2 for 25 mans on the server.
bump for what he said
Thanks Broskie!
LF excellent resto shaman to round out our healing core.
you still LF resto drood?
Bump for healing shaman

@Toshik app over at the website were always looking for exceptional players.
kk, thank you I'll think about it, looks like resto druid is not "high" as you have in your recruitment update.
Recruitment needs updated.

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