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2.4 seconds for starfire cast time for moonkin is just way to slow, you will be very lucky to get 2 casts of it in before target is dead or you are, leaving all the whining monkeys complaining about how your dps sux and you should gtfo!!
shamans need a stun spell so they're decent at pvp and more stam gear too.right now we suck the only thing keeping us played is dps/heal combo.
I recently came back to the game and was finally ready to give feedback just as this was posted and the paladin thread was already gone. >_<

I've played Paladin since day one and really wanted to give some feedback on how I feel about the difference between the last time I played Paladin and post-Cataclysm, because it was jarring and I'm not very fond of it. I've finally gotten used to it, but there's some very key differences that make it far less enjoyable to me.

There's no real point in posting now though, is there, if you've already gathered everything up to go over it? You probably won't start looking for more feedback for awhile, so should I bother?
While I'm fairly happy with the classes I've played aside from pallies(not lucky with rng, lol), I feel there is a minor flaw that gimps balance druids on fight such as ragnaros. Namely the flight time on wrath.

The distance it has to fly to nail him in the face puts our rotation in a dead point at a lunar transition, giving us about a 3 second period where we're at 100 lunar energy though the spells in que to hit that 100 have not yet connected making our transition into the luanr rotation lose us about 2-3k dps, possibly more. Ragnaros is the only fight I've noticed this to be a significant dps loss so far. However after the first phase when we aren't stuck at a distance to not be thrown back by his wrath it's not much of an issue.
... we hope to see you at BlizzCon, as we’ll be talking about a number of impactful class changes during the various World of Warcraft panels.

Impactful? That is not a word. Jesus.
well i would just like to point out something i think would be good for locks. affliction single Target dps, Destruction AOE dps and Demonology sc%%%*d and reworked into a tank spec with the demon form acting like a druids bear form. with void walker helping with agro and with the lock bubble(sacrifice) it would work. just an idea blizz for locks. also allowing for duel wielding and some threat talents and it holds its own and makes a utility class stronger more balanced
I would like to see combat not so repetitive in its rotation or 'priorities' rupture is a move can we please use it too as much as I like feeling like a dull arcane mage. AB, AB, AB, AB, AM WHOOO DIFFICULT! SS and Evis spam is literally....JUST AS FUN. So how about making rupture a worthwhile uptime DoT and i'm not talking about this maybe a 100-200 dps increase. Bring back the T9 set bonus rupture crits? How about make our insight buff an INTERACTIVE buff. Stop making us so cookie cutter. Assass is fine you get to keep up rupture, snd, mut spam, you also have an execute percentage. OH YEAH BRING BACK OUR GODAMN AGILITY SWORDS AT TOP TIER. I raid for progression so when you release the 365 headless horseman and the 4.2 BS sword with agi. That really doesn't satisfy. Bring 1h agi swords back to the table. Perhaps some of you WoW devs remember a time when we couldn't use axes. Do you remember your excuse for not programming axes into a rogues arsenal? You, I quote "because rogues are not lumberjacks" so are we godamn lumberjacks and blacksmiths now since all we get is maces and axes? Your loot ideals are soo a$$ backwards right now. Us rogues have nothing but maces and axes while the DKs and Wars can choose from anything. So as you stated before WE AREN'T LUMBERJACKS WE DON'T WANT TO BE LUMBERJACKS. We want to be rogues, assassins, cutthroats, so please push this class' direction back towards the ideal that LOGICALLY MAKES SENSE as well as appeals to the people playing this class. You and I both know blizzard how many rogues are irritated at you for taking our damn swords and sticking us with permanent offhand daggers. You remember black temple? Remember Mother? Remember off hand swords? I know I speak of concepts that are mythical and such.

TL;DR version. Make combat a more flavorful spec and give us our swords back. Then i'll get back to my raiding like i've been doing since vanilla and play your damn panda x-pac. Which looks great.
taking away melee fro a hunter seams like a good idea ( NOT ) . it defined hunters as defenders not attackers pole arms represent this and in history pole arms are a status simble identifying defenders ( hunters were the ones who were between the mob / boss and the cloth classed to keep the loos mob/ boss from hitting the clothe thats why we ware mail armor is it not are you going to change our armor too ? )

i don't under stand why they seem to want to fix something that is not broken and works well for the most part its better now than meany years ago
if it has to do with marketing and sales then the gamers lost out to money grubbing #&@#*

im also not happy about loosing my be loved "Icier Barbed Spear" ad least it looked like a real pole arm not a clam shovel i like to have a
are you blizzard trying to stupafy the game ?? making it ID10T proof ?????
if it were easy they all do it

10/13/2011 07:53 PMPosted by Bashiok
Now that all the new class changes on the PTR are up, can we get the rogue's changes up too?

Just to clarify, your feedback from those threads was not intended for 4.3.

why can't i report this post for trolling? :(

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