add on to post auctions in mass?

hey i am a jc/ ench/ alch and i post a ton of different auctions. im wondering whats the best addon, if any, that can post auctions in mass so i dont have to post them all individually thanks
Doesn't the basic AH have that already? Just put how many items per stack and how many stacks you want to sell.

If you mean putting rubies, potions, dusts and essences for sale at the exact same moment, I don't think any addon can do that. Not sure, though.

I use Auctionator. It is simpler than Auctioneer and pretty straight forward when making auctions. It does not let me put more than one type of item for sale at a time, but still only takes me a minute to pull all my diferent things for sale at once.

I haven't played much with Auctioneer, so maybe someone else can tell you of what more it can do.
I've never really used Auctionator, so I wouldn't know how it compares, but Auctioneer is a bit clunky when it comes to batch posting. It is also a tad slow, if you intend to post a few hundred auctions regularly. The plus is that it's fairly straightforward to set up.

I'd recommend looking into TradeSkillMaster and its modules. While I prefer Auctioneer for shopping lists since that tool offers variable filter searches, TSM is far superior when it comes to batch posting. It is also a bit of a pain to set up properly, but once you do, you can batch post by scroll-wheel really fast.

TSM is also a godsend when it comes to keeping/restocking inventory. Again, pain to set up, but definitely worth it if you have a couple of hundred product lines (esp. glyphs).

It might be worth mentioning that TSM is probably closer to 'the limit' than Auctioneer is, with regards to automation. Blizzard has broken addons for this before. I don't think they will with TSM, but you never know. All I know is, I prefer the tool that lets me post those auctions in five rather than thirty minutes.
cool any good guides for setting up tsm? i got it but it seems so complicated ahah
There are links to some guides on their project site ( );

I recommend caution while trying it out and getting used to it; try it out with one product line first, so you don't accidentally dump your entire inventory for pennies. TSM is a powerful tool, but it's easy to make a slight mistake and put everything at the default fallback price, which could be disastrous. :-)
Please use TSM without learning it thoroughly first. I really want to buy all your Brilliant Inferno Ruby for 60 silver each. :)

Seriously, TSM is an absolute godsend for anybody who needs to post large numbers of auctions. I use it for posting glyphs and frankly inscription would be impossible without it.

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