PvE destruction Key Bindings. Help!

Hey guys! I've been playing this game for a pretty long time now, and all the while I've been clicking, never bothered using keybindings before, and I just can't seem to get the hang of it, or even what to keybind to what comfortably. Looking for some destro locks out there to give me some suggestions! Thanks!
There are a lot of keys to press as Destro, so you just have to figure out what is going to be comfortable for you to reach. I use shift mod for 1 skill, but that means I reach out to the 8 key at some points during the fights which is less than optimal, but it's how I learned so it's not a big deal for me.

if I can remember my bindings correctly I have:
8 = CotE
7 = Corruption
6 = BoD
<Shift> + 6 = BoA
5 = Shadowflame
4 = Chaos Bolt
3 = Immolate
2 = Conflagrate
1 = RoF
~ = Teleport
Q = Shadowburn
R = Incinerate
F = Shadowfury
Z = Ventrilo
C = Nether ward
G = BoH

(Right hand keys)
numpad - = Life Tap
numpad + = My general CD macro (Rune of Zeth + demon soul + blood fury)
Mouse button 4 = Soul Fire
Mouse Button 5 = Soul Burn
Mouse Button 3 = either fel flame or my volcanic potion depending on if I plan on using fel flame during the fight or not (pretty much only Rag).

I'm pretty sure that's it. I don't bind my doomgaurd/infernal because I used to accidently hit it and then it'd be down for 10 mins, so I just leave that on screen to click. Other situational things like different curses or swapping BoA with BoD change depending on the fight, but for the most part that's my keybinding.

While the 8 key is pretty rough to reach, you generally are only going to cast it once on most fights, maybe a few times like if you were doing Normal Shannox to get all the dogs, but after 1 click it's usually out of the rotation. The others just came with building on my spec and I'm just used to it now. You may find it easier to use more shift modifiers to reduce the amount of keys you have to hit, but whatever works for you.
I noticed you said you don't use fel flame at all, am I going in the totally wrong direction when I use fel flame as soon as I finish casting immolate? And thank you so much for the key bindings! It'll help give me and idea of setting mine up. :) and how do you stride left? with your Q key bounded?
In general fel flame is an extremely situational spell to cast. The exception to this is if you have T11 4 set with the procs, in which case you should only cast it when you've procced. The general principle around it extending your immolate is nice at first glance, but it's just more beneficial to let the Immo fall off and recast it using immolate again.

The reason why I tend to use it on Rag and not other fights is that there's a lot of running around. P2 stacks and spreads, P3 if you're being tracked, and even nuking someones son of flame while you run to get the back ones in transitions. If you have corruption up, ISF up, BoD up, immo up, and need to be running, fel flame is pretty much the only insta cast that you have. You can use shadowflame for an insta cast too, but in the case of P2 rag I usually save that for when the adds crash in.

It does have its uses, but those uses are so rare that if you take it off your bar completely you won't see too much of a difference.

What are you currently doing as your rotation? Just wondering if you've got the other stuff down since you were doing fel flame in the rotation.
There are a couple ways to strafe which I've used. First you can just rebind 'A' to strafe left and 'D' to strafe right. Keyboard turning is slow and pretty much never needed.

If you want your turn left and right still bound to A and D you can strafe just by using A and D in conjunction with holding the right mouse button. That's what I used to do but having strafes keybound to A and D frees up more hand movement if you are doing a lot of strafing compared to having both hands tied up.

But in a fight you should never be keyboard turning. Right mouse click to turn, double mouse button to move forward.
Well, I don't know, I like to think I play my lock pretty well, but I'm just a clicker, and I don't use fel flame to refresh it, I just for some reason got in the habit of casting it as soon immo finished casting. For like, the Rag I did last night, I'll open up with CotE, BoD, soulburn, demonsoul/bloodfury macro, Doomguard, ISF, corruption, immo, fel flame, conflag, incin, CB, incin, incin, incin, basically from there, it's keeping DoTs up and using conflag when it's off CD for the backdraft.
Pretty much. little stuff I'd add is make sure you're hardcasting a soulfire as the tank is counting down the pull. It'll start you off with the ISF before you hit your rotation and won't waste any time since it's not like you could be applying DoTs before the tank grabbed the boss. Also you should work shadowflame in there somewhere. Especially with rag you can be really far out (far enough so you dont get the melee knockback) and still be in range for shadowflame to hit. I usually use it after my backdrafts are up since I have a bit of time before my next conflag and DoT reapplication.

I tend to save my Doomguard for P3 when we bloodlust, but if you're lusting in P1 then by all means use it then.
We lusted after the scions were down from the 2nd splitting blow (first time doing Rag yesterday, not sure when each phase starts yet) I pop doomguard from the start just because during the first phase there isn't a whole lot of movement of any kind, so I just go all out there and save my volcanic potion instead for the lust. I use shadowflame during the part with all the small adds, not the Sons of flame, I can't think of the name but you might know what I'm talking about. and that SF b4 the pull is a good idea, never thought about that :O
Save volcanic and DG for Lust.

Pre-pot for first phase.

Only use felflame if you are moving. (outside of t11 4 piece as priority dictates)

I like to use the spot between casting immo and when Conflag becomes available to cast for Corruption or a SB'd Soulfire.

Something like this:

Soul burn
Demon soul (trinket if I have RoZ on)
Soulfire (SB) otherwise I would have used Corr / Shadowflame and hard cast Soufire above immo
Chaos / Incin / Incin

Then I just follow the priority list and look for traps.
I'm female and have small hands so my keybindings are different. I do use my arrow keys to move, because I always mess up my camera angles otherwise. Anyway here's what I have keybound
My shift keys I keep Coe, and other spells I dont use instantly in my rotation example
Shift-F Coe, I also have shift D, S,A I switch them out with whatever spells I find useful

I also have a couple cast sequence macros I use only for a couple spells
castsequence reset=3 Immolate, Corruption
I also use one for soulburn, soulfire.
I know my keybinds arent as complicated as the one above me, but I only keybind the ones I use in immediate rotation, and will click the rest.

I know they say keyboard turning is bad, but so is staring at the top of your head when you are trying to kill a boss, because you messed up your camera angle i do fine with my arrow keys lol and I can back up if needed unlike with the mouse.
10/14/2011 01:34 PMPosted by Nateri
can back up if needed unlike with the mouse.
You shouldn't ever back up by walking backwards. Turning sideways and strafing is much much faster. You have no idea how many people I've seen miss avoiding stuff like waves on Rag because they try to back up out of it.

Keyboard turning works fine for some people and in some cases, but turning with your mouse is just better in pretty much every way. Practice more and maybe you wont have as much trouble with your camera.
Check out multi button gaming mice. I'm currently using a razer naga with 12 buttons on the side. Easy to map and relatively quick to get used to. I still use keybinds, but the naga has freed up quite a bit of keyboard space.

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