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Rest of the Thread got deleted since my account got Perma-banned from the forums. Sorry about that guys. Will write an other once I have some time on my hand.
Fantastic guide.
Awesome guide!
Should be sticky so everyone can see it's wonderfulness.
10/07/2011 04:06 PMPosted by Phrenchie
[Soul Warding] I’ll typically spec into this 2/2 – this talent removes the cool-down of your [Power Word: Shield]. Needless to say, this is invaluable and helps a great deal particularly when under pressure during swaps or when multiple members of your team are taking damage.

I would like to add a note here. Soul warding isn't as crucial as it seems. At most you should only put ONE point into it.

3 second CD without. Goes well in 2s and 3s. But in RBGs I would put 1 point into it, because the first point lowers it by 1 second, 2nd by .5 second. Are you really going to be at a point where you NEED that .5 second CD? Are you not using your other abilities? Its nice on a hard swap, but by the time they get to you, you've had more than enough time to set yourself up with a PW:S.

TL;DR- Its not that powerful of a talent.
Note : Sources are:

Great guide. I recently won my first arena fight with my very expierenced hunter teammate through use of mana burn and atonement. I'm interested in your thoughs on smite healing in particualar as holy fire heals for 10k minimum and smite heals for 8k minimum for me. I find it to be great when paired with melee classes. However, i have problems staying at range against some skilled rogues and warriors and due to my screams hefty cd im a sitting duck with all the interrupts and stuns available to certain class combos. Ill be the first to admit that im very nubly in arena fights and my resil is quite low. But my question is what to do against melee classes with who take my shield down with one hit and and make it im possible to get at range where i can i can use my significant burst damage spells that also heal me or my teammate while still keeping as much as possible dispelled and mana burning healers. So pretty much whats my main priority outside of healing as much as possible while still staying mobile and active. Also a nub questioon but Inner fire or Inner will for main armor spell? And whats best way to maximise the use of mana burn? I know this is stuff i should already know but i find arena is a whole different ballgame than bgs and i really want to improve my play. Any advice you might have for an aspiring Disc priest in arenas would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for the guide, requested sticky!
Surprised by a couple things in the glyph section:
* PW:S is optional?
* POM not listed at all?

I'm far from an expert on disc pvp so don't take that as criticism. I'm just wondering what the rationale behind this is.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to put together this guide!!
Awesome guide! This should be sticky'd for sure
This should be a sticky in no time. ;)

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