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Why isn't this stickied yet?
Thanks for putting this together. Bump and req for sticky. Some tips and tricks in BG's and Arenas if anyone has them would be great.
Thanks! This is a helpful guide to this disc priest (priest in general) noob.
I am most certainly a noobish player, but when I look at the PVP ladders, it seems most of the priests do not take the PW:B glyph but some combination of Penance, PW:S, Renew, SW:D. Not trying to criticize, but your choice of PW:B doesn't seem very standard.
Great guide! the only thing i would have to say is to try and get a table of contents to organize the thread a little better ^.^
Love this! Thank you!!!
Is there any chance that you will be adding any enchants/gems guides for haste/mastery/crit?
Thanks in advance!
You should have contacted Zelyx one way or another and asked him if it was ok for you to post his guide on the WoW forums.

At the very least, slap his name on the guide. Otherwise this is just plagiarism.
Okay... Why is this not stickied yet? I need this to STAY!
Great guide, need for a sticky, just a couple things

First, you are basing the Soul Warding vs Inner Sanctum choice on your 3v3 composition i belive? For some priests it would be better in general to pick 3/3 Inner Sanctum.

An example would be Disc Priest / DK / Ret where in most cases the enemy team unless correctly pressured will target and train us, in this scenario Inner Sanctum will pull ahead in surviavility.

This among other talents can also change deppending which comps you are having problems with, another example would be needing a second shadowfiend to survive against a shadowplay team (those double dots ticking on your whole team can really suck up all your mana and fast) in which case having Veiled Shadow instead of 3% haste can save your life.

Which leads me to the second thing (which i belive someone else mentioned earlier), i really like it when pvp guides take composition into consideration (specially for 3v3) since not everyone can arena with their friends or guildies, sometimes its a good idea to find that ideal or just plainly fun comp you want to play.

I am not a gladiator but i watch a lot of competitive 3v3 games and there are lots of fun things we can try as disc priests.

From RPM to Kitty Cleave and DK/Ret, etc would be cool if you could mention some of our stronger comps in the guide.
Very in-depth, love it.

requested to sticky!
Awesome guide, thanks for taking the time to put this together. Rec for sticky
punt for great justice

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