Using Aggra's Voice Actress for Tyrande

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10/10/2011 04:59 PMPosted by Daystar
also to some people in this thread, your prejudice is showing, might wanna try to disguise it better.

How is it prejudiced to say someone "sounds spanish?" Get off the PC train please, no one is saying it sounds bad because "black accent, ew," they're saying it sounds bad because it makes NO SENSE and DOES NOT FIT her at all.

If this voice were used for some female troll, it would be fine, because that's how trolls sound in this game. It's not how elves sound, and it's just stupid to suddenly have her pop up with an accent completely different from the rest of her culture.

This seriously.
Does she make your pathetic magics betREAAAAAAAAAAAYyyy you? No?
Theralion would like to have a word with you.

never forget! the sassy twilight dragon that engulfed his way into our hearts, only to be taken away.

Here's steve magnet, the same voice actor XD I was ROFL'ing
"No Illidan, you are the demons"
There is a way we can fix this.

The way WoW's sounds files are set up, we can simply insert an override file to take the place of the original files. There's no editing of the MPQ at all, so it's perfectly within the EULA.

The hard part is finding a voice actress brave enough to re-do her lines in her proper voice, and post them for everyone to hear.

That, or Blizzard opens their eyes to this travesty and at the very least, has the voice actress redo her lines, sans accent.
Wow. Just wow.

I normally don't complain about voices. I wasn't happy about the change to Sylvanas voice but her new voice still matched her.

This new voice doesn't match Tyrande at all. It sounds more trollish than Nightelf. Just isn't right Blizz.
Yea, she sounds waay to foreign now...I mean at least let her have the same dry accent as the night elf players...she sounds like a troll now.
I do agree though, her new voice is... awful. It seems like they dropped the lofty, eloquent Night Elf speech and went for the more coarse and rough Orc/Troll speech patterns, almost like she had a scratchy throat and lost most of her vocabulary.

Tyrande's new voice is very Aggravating.

What the huh?
I give up.

That's just sad...
Oh man. This is HORRIBLE. Troll accent, really?

thats completely different people...the warcraft 3 voice sounds so much better.

blizzard you're good at copy pasting old content and being lazy, why not just copy paste those .wav or .mp3 sound files from a warcraft 3 CD?

just send my check to the payment info attached to my account.

you're welcome.
Wow... that was... awful...

Why does she have the accent? Why? Why? She's not THAT bad, just... why the accent?

10/10/2011 06:11 PMPosted by Gnomeorpuns
Tyrande's new voice is very Aggravating.

I went in not expecting much. I thought "how bad could it be?"

After watching I am so very disappointed. That does not sound like a night elf.
Still such a terrible voice for this character, you guys need to bring the VA in for another session and tell her to drop the silly accent.
Its been like 7-8 years since the voice actor spoke like Tyrande. Still, I would like see more effort
You see, when Blizzard blows their budget on their other games for voice acting, (See Starcraft 2 for instance: Top notch voice actors), they have to sc@%%@ the bottom of the barrel at home office.

That's why Metzen voices near of every single important Male Character.
Remember the "Storm" character from the X-men cartoon? That's more like what I would imagine Tyrande's voice to sound like. Yeah, it was exaggerated. Yeah, it was haughty, but it fit.

This new voice sounds weak and timid. Horrible decision if this goes live.

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