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Very Valid point regarding the TCG, also, i sold my guardian cub for 12,000 gold.

O.O Not too bad for $10 bucks.

Very Valid point regarding the TCG, also, i sold my guardian cub for 12,000 gold.

O.O Not too bad for $10 bucks.

not too bad at all hey, especially considering i only had about 1000g at the time, used tha tmoney to buy 3 more pets and reached 150 achievement :D
Yeah, they're trying to cut into the gold selling market. Glad you noticed.

Text wall start.

Yes, this thing is yucky.
People make more gold off this one item than I've ever owned on one character on here, for $10; $5 less than I pay monthly. Yeah, I'm broke, beside the point.
On the TCG subject - I've seen those cards for $150 and up, not $10. You also have to track those down, they have a limited amount of them produced, and isn't exactly available directly from blizzard. In fact, there are only 5 or so of those Rhinos on ebay at the moment. They also have a physical component.

Aside from that -

My questions are: Where/when can I buy straight gold, and one or two of each max level, geared up character from this company?(seems we're headed there) Why do, and have us do, this hat trick crap?

There are lots of in-game items people can already "gift" to someone. There are also many in-game ways to introduce new items already. Why isn't this new item(aswell as the old) put in the Dalaran pet store, or elsewhere in-game; being concerned about the accessibility of these type of items for purchase(game money or real money), seems a fairly easy "fix" for all the "in-game-store-bought-items" really.

There was a need to post an entire article about the impact of goldfarmers/sellers with the introdution of this new product.
I basically got from it, "Don't buy or sell thier gold to use as a shortcut, use ours!"

We used to get a once-a-year released pet on this games anniversary, for the last few years we've got nothing. Think the opening of the store somewhat coincides with the loss of those "free" items? (upsetting)

I never have or will purchase an in-game item for real money, nor will I ever sell an in-game item for real money. However, to me, it is an insult that something like this is offered and more than likely will be exploited to gain things like gold, gear, level, ect.(not to mention encouraged), but those things are not offerd outright for purchase.

All of these things might make one think to side with the hackers/goldfarmers, because you've appeared to have lost control over your product and don't know/care/care too much about what your consumers want(irony). One possibly might think you've gotten too greedy, or are infact, losing money on this game(more irony).

Before I leave. I've read on here that these types of items themselves don't effect a players game. In this world today aesthetics plays a huge roll in not only development, but social activity. This being a very social, marketed, and artfull machine(not to mention an RPG); these items can play a very direct and indirect roll in ones experience within it, and even extending outside it.

Text wall end.
All I have to say is.... wat
TCG Loot card mounts like the Spectral Tiger have been BoE for a long time now (since patch 3.2), and that was and continues to be well-received, and as far as we've been able to tell hasn't had any adverse impact to the game or economy - despite them selling for sometimes astronomical amounts of gold.

The problem with this comparison is that:
1. The loot cards are a rare find in card packs. you could but 10 boxes at $100 a box and never get 1. The store pet is always there at a set price.

2. This gives players with real world extra cash an advantage over men and women on a fixed budget. Though most of the top gear is not boe a player can throw $100 at blizz sell the 10 pets at 10k each (list price on my server) then take the 100k gold and quickly buy all the enchants/gems/mats he needs rather then farming the gold or mats him which gives them more time for raids, which leads to better gear.

I would love to have 1 of these pets for my main who is a collector but I won't support the "buying of gold" and I am on a fixed budget and can't waste more money then the $15 I already do on this game.
Why do people care about how other people get gold? If you don't think that BoE pets are the way for YOU to get gold then don't buy them. Leave people alone that do. If you buy gold from hack sites, cool that's on you. But I'm not going to worry about it. If economy is bad in your AH then gather and farm. Stop worrying about other people so much and YOU will feel a lot better.
There was a lot of YOU in that last one.
MY problem is this is a sudo way to buy game gold for real gold, where there is no option to just buy game gold, for ME. I wouldn't want that anyway, but it is already here. Why not cut to the case and offer us fully geared tuned up characters for special order, haircuts and all? Even if that's somewhat limited as this is as far as gold, gear, ect.
TCG Loot card mounts like the Spectral Tiger have been BoE for a long time now (since patch 3.2), and that was and continues to be well-received, and as far as we've been able to tell hasn't had any adverse impact to the game or economy - despite them selling for sometimes astronomical amounts of gold.

It’s potentially worth noting that no new gold is being introduced into the game's economy with those mounts or the new Guardian Cub pet.

Our goal with the Guardian Cub is to provide alternative ways for players who don't want to spend real money to add these pets to their collection. Even though this has been available a while now with the TCG mounts, this is obviously a new kind of way to deliver Pet Store pets, and we're definitely interested to hear your feedback and ultimately see how this will play out.

The difference is those TCG cards are extremely rare where as we can buy these pets directly from Blizzard, no hassle. I know people, I wont name names, who are doing exactly what you claim is against the ToS with these pets. This is basically buying gold, right now these pets are going for 15-20k on my realm. I'm tempted to buy a few just to put on the AH but I hope that if you guys see the profit from these pets aren't as good as the others you will go back to the old way of selling these things. (Of course it might turn out to be even more profit, you never know)

I have most of the pets you guys have and I bought the winged guardian as well. I feel like this was a big mistake and I hope in the future you go back to the soulbound pets that go on all your characters. Buying things from the Blizzard Store should not give people an edge over the others. You can say it doesn't all you want but my friend who made over 50k today in a period of a few hours would say otherwise.
Yet again gold CAN NOT fully gear up a character and you damn well know it. This is no different than selling the items from tcg loot cards which has been going on for years. It didn't destroy the game then and this pet won't destroy the game now. Just grow up.

I know that you cannot fully gear up a player by simply buying items with gold. I will however make the arguement that people do pay gold for runs through things for gear. I will also say I've been in craftable PVP items for a long time on a few characters, I bought that with my in-game gold. This pets style drastically effects the way and time I would aquire gold and do other things in order to get those items. When effectivly I can calculate how much real money it would take to obtain these things, but are stuck with buying and selling - trading - with real and fake money, novelty items for what I'm really after.

-Why can I not just purchase the gear/gold/items theirselves(limited)? It is more or less what I'm doing if I were to buy this pet. I wouldn't be buying a pet, I would be buying PVP gear and other stuff - Atleast that's how I look at it. I will also say I do not think these changes will "kill" this game.

Those TCG cards are far different than this. If the items they offered were in the store, aswell as on the cards, maybe. What'd you think happen to the TCG part of WoW if that were to happen though? It'd probably be a needless thing. Some of those cards are worth $200 to some people, more than the game itself; if it were a $10 download, ha... To me, those are more 'true' collectables.

Ah, the small things.
Why, exactly, is buying gold bad for the game?

I get that greymarket goldsellers are bad for the game, absolutely. But if something like the D3 real money AH was to open up so regular players could buy and sell gold, I would have no problem with it.

You keep certain items BoP; you might even make a larger percentage of items BoP. I don't agree with being able to just buy your way into the top tier. But for the rest, let players who want to spend money instead of time, do so, and in return those players who have time but less money can profit.

Gold buying is here to stay anyway. I would much rather it be run in a free market by players than in a grey market by hackers and slave labour.
Ok I am sick and tired of threads like these. All that Blizzard is doing is releasing a pet that is BoE and not BoA. THATS ALL. What the people who buy it want to do with it is their business.
Let's not forget that gold is easy to get in WoW; it is just a matter of grinding. The current system just rewards those who have the time and inclination to grind content that most people find unfun (I'm kind of one of those people, actually). But is that sytem particularly healthy? Why are we choosing to reward those who have time to grind rather than those who have money to spend?
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OP, any thoughts?
Blizz is just cutting into the gold selling market. Now instead of the usual pet collector buying these pets, you got people buying them for selling purposes.

I personally dont care because i dont collect pets and dont really need gold.
10/10/2011 10:10 AMPosted by Healstime
You would pay $100 for 2k gold?

On my server these things are going between 20k-50k and being sold. $10 for 20k-50k sounds good to me.

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