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Personally I see nothing wrong with this. Sure blizzard can make extra money with this, but in the end most people will only get mounts / pets for specific characters only to begin with. They really couldnt give 2 !@#$s bout alts or of the such having w/e there mains have.

I've spent much much more on different games in the past... which actually gave you advantage from the company itself directly in the game.

This transaction blizzard is doing, has no such consequence.... and I approve.
So, for people saying that this is ''hard to get CCG cards''

Did you heard of Ebay ?
There is no extra gold in the economy. The gold went from one person to another person. It didn't just appear.

thank you maybe plain english they will understand.

I really am perplexed how people dont understand how gold moves in a server economy
I have like 80k gold in my bag.

All of it is worthless against raid bosses.

In so called "Pay to Win" mmos, real life money is exchanged for actual best in slot items, enchants and gems that boost player stats.

Gold in and of itself is relatively useless in this game when it comes to a lot of end game content. Even if you do get enough money to buy a best in slot item (say, my ward of the red widow for pallies and shamans) first off it still has to drop, and it has to drop to a group that doesn't need it, and you still have to be on at the right time in order to buy it. It will help you get certain achievements faster (pet, mount)... but you can directly do that with cash anyways. The number of people who will gain an edge by spending more money selling these blizz store pets is trivial at best.

The idea that these pets and tcg codes are a form of "pay to win" is completely absurd. Unless these codes start to give best in slot, heroic purple gear, it overall makes almost no difference.

And the thing about gold sellers is that -

They hack accounts.
They employ a force of minimum wage workers to farm all day and night.

So either people are being hacked, or yes, gold is being created out of thin air and being entered into the general wow population without actually increasing the active wow population.

see my example where someone who normally wouldn't have the means to corner the market on gems suddenly does because he had the RL money to do so. If that doesn't effect raiding, I dont know what does.
10/10/2011 10:52 AMPosted by Stardoll
I had to spend 110 usd just on 2 faction changes and server transfers,

You had to?

Yes he had to pay that much to transfer servers and change factions.

He did not have to transfer, but in order to transfer he had to pay that price.
10/10/2011 10:50 AMPosted by Teliko
Pets give you an indirect advantage?

Buying them for real money and selling them for gold does.

Good luck getting into a raid guild even with all of the best BoEs.

The problem with gold buyers isn't that they can buy gear. They usually cant. There's maybe 3 current tier BoEs per spec, and none are heroic level. The time you'd still have to spend to get the rest of your set is the same it would have been without buying.

The problem they cause is on the price of crafting materials, enchants, flasks, and food. And then an overall increase in inflation.
10/10/2011 10:38 AMPosted by Attilian
The difference is that we can't get on the official Blizzard Store and go buy a spectral Tiger and then sell it. We either have to go to third party websites, Card Stores, etc. Blizzard is condoning this kind of conduct now and its very saddening.

Pretty much. I was kind of OK with TCG being able to be sold for gold, due to the rarity of them. However, a readily purchasable item from the Blizzard store being able to be traded for gold? Not cool.

Since the introduction of the Pet Store, many players have been asking for ways to get the companions we offer there without having to spend real-world cash.

Uh huh, which means put the pets in the game, obtainable via a long, drawn out method. This way players can choose to play the game to obtain the item, or skip the game part and pay real-life cash to get it quicker. Not make the item a quick way to being able to sell gold.
I love all the people going "They'll do it anyway!"

People will buy smack anyways, let's sell it in corner stores so we can make a profit.

People will buy crystal !@#$ anyways, so let's sell it in supermarkets so we can make a profit.

People will murder anyways, so let's sell them the tools so we can make it a profit.

"Ohhh Auctionshark, but those things kill people! We wouldn't sell them!" Yeah, and selling items for real money will kill this game. We need to stop it and draw the line right now. And please, for the love of god, READ THE SECOND PARAGRAPH OF MY OP.
10/10/2011 10:55 AMPosted by Auctionshark
So, since when was 20 cards that tons of people are trying to get the same as an infinite supply of items for everybody?

If tons of people were trying to get them, there wouldn't be 20 of them up on ebay, there would be zero. It's obviously not as wanted as you assume it is, hell there is like 5 different TCG items up on the AH at any one time and they don't seem to be selling that quickly...
10/10/2011 10:35 AMPosted by Bashiok
TCG Loot card mounts like the Spectral Tiger have been BoE for a long time now (since patch 3.2)

Laughable, now unless you are generating Loot card codes for money on the side, those codes have a limited quantity, with this new system you can keep coming back and generating more pets. All for a Hamilton.
If this goes live, people will - in huge amounts - be purchasing these pets and trading them for gold to farmers, hackers and possibly on occasion a legitimate pet collector who just can't sc!*#! up $10 on their own. I'm not sure who Blizzard thinks they are fooling by couching this in the terms they are.

Why would hackers want to buy pets? They want to exchange gold for money.

What will be interesting to see is how the economy prices the $10 pet in terms of gold and how that effective $ to gold ratio compares with the third party gold seller $ to gold rates.

Ultimately, that will be decided by the actual consumer of the pet. It should be interesting. :)
10/10/2011 10:59 AMPosted by Real
Pretty much. I was kind of OK with TCG being able to be sold for gold, due to the rarity of them. However, a readily purchasable item from the Blizzard store being able to be traded for gold? Not cool.

why? its the same thing, the only difference is TCG loot cards are rarer, but its the same thing.
Hey, if more and more aesthetic, meaningless microtransactions are what it takes for this game to finally become Free2Play, bring on the overpriced, useless googly-eyed pets.
10/10/2011 10:17 AMPosted by Asclepius
You would pay $100 for 2k gold?

Some people would, and therefore gain an advantage in game through real life means. That's the main problem with this, when you boil it down its buying gold, whether its from blizz or not is irrelevant.

People who pay more money for a faster connection to the internet are doing something along the same lines of getting a advantage for real life currency. This has been this way since the beginning of the game and longer... so that point is actually kinda mute. The point is the advantage of buying gold for real life money which buying pets and selling them ingame is basically the same as buying gold for real life money.

I agree with the OP.. the pet being BOE is blizzard going down a road that they at first said they never would... and now it seems like it's ok ( for them to do). I've always suspected that blizzard as selling gold on the side and now it seems like it may actually be true. If you honestly think about... for years gold sellers have been around... and for years blizzard has always used the excuse of mass bannings. but they make it so easy to have trial accounts and honestly don't regulate them at all....

Now it seems you can pay money get a item and sell it ingame for gold... which does lend to another thing that will be abused by gold sellers... or just another way for the blizzard gold sellers to make gold and then resell it.

Blizzard really needs to start looking at this from the nuetral point of view instead of the dollar signs...Because honestly it does look like they are promoting the buying and selling of gold for real currency
10/10/2011 10:58 AMPosted by Kranberry
Why do people seem to think that people who currently make a business selling gold for real money will suddenly want to buy gold with real money instead - the exact opposite.

Because the gold made from selling the pets will be worth more than the pet itself. It's a basic futures market plan with calculations made for when the ROI becomes equal to or less profitable than doing something else. Plus it has the benefit of being legitimate, something that gold seller sites didn't have before because they never had permission from Blizzard before.

Now they do via this pet.

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