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This is a very interesting thread I read on MMOchampion, and I hope Blizz can take some of the suggestions in it seriously. ^_^

As many people know, Archaeology is seen as one of the most frustrating and annoying professions. There have been many, many posts talking about how it's the worst thing to be put in game in a very long time. Now I’ve grinded to 525 Archaeology, I’m 7 artifacts away from [Diggerest], and 6 rares away from the Professor title. I’ve compiled a list of what I think is wrong with Archaeology, and my suggestions on how to fix it. It’s a long read, but I think my ideas would make this profession a LOT better.

1- More digsites. It’s not fun travelling halfway across the continent to get to an arch zone, only to have another appear on the other half as soon as you’re done. The amount of digsites in Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms would be increased.

2- Spawn rates of rarer races increased, specifically Tol’vir and Nerubian. Tol'vir archaeology has 7 rares, the most in the game behind Night Elves, but dig sites rarely spawn, and almost always there are never more than one up at once. Nerubian sites are more common, but Vrykul sites have a much greater chance to appear, and there are often several more at a time than Nerubian ones.

3- More rares and uncommons. Orc, Nerubian, Vrykul, and Draenei all have 2 rares or less, and there are more that only have 3. Increase the total amount of artifacts in the game. Troll and Night Elf would have 35 total uncommon artifacts, Dwarf and Fossil would have 25, Draenei and Orc would have 20, Vrykul, Nerubian and Tol’Vir would have 15. All races should have a minimum of 4-5 rares, to give players something to keep grinding for.

4- Decrease cooldowns on rare vanity items. The Last Relic of Argus is really fun to use, but the 12 hour cooldown is absolutely ridiculous. Other items, such as Bones of Transformation, are fun to use, have relatively short cooldowns, but absurdly short duration times. The fact that the effect breaks if you enter combat is dumb too. Reduce the cooldowns so that we can enjoy the items more.

5- Increase the vendor cash from all uncommon artifacts. It can take a while to fly from digsite to digsite, getting pieces for an artifact. Then, when we complete it, we can sell it, for 5 measly gold. I know it used to be worse, but the sell price on arch items needs to be spiked again. In the time that you spend flying, surveying, and putting together the artifact, you could easily earn 10x more than what the artifact is worth.

6- More non-rare vanity items. Make a scepter? You should be able to wield it. A helm? Same. If we recreate equipment, we should be able to use it. RPers would love if you were able to wield a scepter of a powerful ancient mage, and it would be just fun to use.

7- Add more Arch rares that have the current ilvl of raids. Right now, there is almost no reason to work for the 359 epic Arch rares, because they will be replaced very quickly by Firelands gear. Make new editions of the lvl 85 epics, and add a version that people who already have the epic can upgrade it. For instance, those who already have Zin'rokh, Destroyer of Worlds will get an artifact to upgrade it, and it will cost 25% less pieces.

8- Larger sites give more pieces. Very large sites, like the Redridge Highway, are extremely annoying because they are so big. Larger zones would give 2 more digs. On that note…

9- Digs would give a minimum of 5-7 pieces, up from 3-6. Because of that, all artifacts now require a minimum of 35 pieces to solve.

10- Digs now increase skill up to 450, when they become grey. (Where they become grey now, they would become green).

11- Spread out zones in which digs can appear. It’s annoying to have to go to a different continent to farm a certain race. I know this has some limits for some races (such as Tol’vir and Vrykul), but the other races can be spread out to other continents. There are Dwarven buildings and camps in Northrend, there are Orcish camps and towns scattered everywhere in Kalimdor, there are several Nerubian ziggurats and necropolises scattered throughout Kalimdor and the EK, and Fossils can be found in every continent.

12- Increase drop rates for rares. Many people have experienced a lot of frustration going 300+ solves for a certain race without a rare drop. Since my idea would involve increasing the amount of uncommon epics, the rare drop rate should be increased too.

13- Archaeology should tell lore better. There are many achievements for discovering a set of artifacts that is supposed to tell a story, but it doesn’t tell it well at all. If you complete a set of artifacts, you should be able to view something that tells the story of the artifacts, apart from a small blurb on the arch page. For instance, a cutscene, a longer story, or even somewhere you can place your discoveries (such as a museum).

14- There should be some artifacts that give an enchant to a piece of armor that can’t be enchanted otherwise. For instance, have an artifact that gives a +20 intell to your wand, or another artifact that gives you a +30 mastery to your necklace. These artifacts would be ‘charged’ by a keystone for that race.

15- Questlines. There should be some questlines added to Archaeology. Started by Harrison Jones/Belloc Brightblade, these would take you to different parts of Azeroth, acquiring items and defeating world bosses, allowing you to unlock new artifacts, epics from the quests. People complain about the lack of epic, world-spanning questlines these days, so why not add one to Arch?

If anyone has any really awesome ideas they'd like to add, I will add them to this list. If you like my ideas, keep this thread alive for others to see.
i wanted to level archeology but .. i stopped at 100 on my pal. I wanted to mass murder pandaran

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