Give jc a use for zephyrite

Would really like a use for zephyrite. These dont sell, and there is no jc patterns to use them with. Anyone who knows anything would just use the epic class gems. add in a ring,neck piece(similar to the hessonite. and nightstone). I wouldnt even care if I had to use 5 per ring, any way to get rid of the 500 I have stacked in my bank.
If you wait until the day when the "cut three zephyrite" quest pops, they tend to sell (or at least on my server), so I keep about a hundred around for those days, but the rest I vendor. If I'm really bored, I'll cut them before vendoring- it's a 5g / stack price increase or something to cut them first, whee.*

With the changes in 4.3 to the vendor/deposit prices on gems, I'm not sure what I'll do next.

*yes, I know, it's lousy gold/hour. I only ever do it if I'm AFK anyway and have nothing better to do.
5G per minute = 300G per hour.

Not even worth cutting. However, in 4.3 it will be 1200G per hour above their deletion value. I know I'll just AH them for 50 silver each.
Definatly agree. They need a use!
You can transmute them into a Ocean Sapphire if your an alchemist. However azsure vale is the the most expensive cata herb due to the fact its a pain to gather. So your end product will end up costing less than the mats it sells for.
I sell cut ocean sapphires for 80-100g reguarly.
10/13/2011 01:52 AMPosted by Nerfmagnet
I sell cut ocean sapphires for 80-100g reguarly.

Soooo many bads on your server.

Wish i could get my ocean sapphires to sell :(

And on my realm even when they do sell, it's for, on average, 10g :(. I have 15 raw ocean sapphires that I do not dare cut and try to sell.

that being said, Zephyrites do have a use - transmute: shadowspirit diamond, albeit limited to supply of every other common gem type and access to an alchemist.
Is transmuting shadowspirit diamonds worth the loss of the income from the typical jewelry->enchanting mats and carnelian->inferno ruby?
even with the JC daily to cut them they dont sell for more then 50s. And if they did sell they wouldnt because the AH would just get flooded with them because you get so many. Hell i vendor 10 + stacks of them a week. Sure i can do all the fancy crap like transmute and whatever, But by the time i prospect the ore, cute and stacks, and group them up its just to much time for very little profit. Hell, just the infernos and carneilians i get a day make up more then what i spend a day on ore. (1-2k gold) everything i craft and disenchant is pure profit. but seriously i spend about 45m to an hour standing around constantly spamming prospect or disenchant button on 2k gold worth of ore. cant there be a way to make this more streamline? and dont even get me started on pyrite ore Ive gotta dump now because they are not dropping epic gems.
I was surprised last night when I saw lots of my individual zephyrites sell mid raid. I sold like some 30. And still, only got some 30 gold out of it.

The best is when you prospect and get zephyrite and sapphires together and in a row.

Blue gems are so bad, I'm surprised whenever I sell a cut Sapphire.
I had a healy priest argue with me in trade that +40 spirit was better than +40 intellect for her spec.

so i sold her a 10 stack of spirit gems for 1200g.

but i usually sell 5-8 blues a day cut into spell pen, spirit, and hit. I'll even sell a few solids once in awhile. The funniest part is when i buy up the blues when there is only a few of each cut and repost for 175g. I do this every time the price drops below 12g per.

and i know why they sell. 'hmmm. that gem is expensive, it must be good.'
10/13/2011 07:28 AMPosted by Mendol
Is transmuting shadowspirit diamonds worth the loss of the income from the typical jewelry->enchanting mats and carnelian->inferno ruby?

Depends on your server.

On my server, and with transmute mastery, very much so.

They also give you more items to list, so you can move your stock more quickly.
I am beginning to doubt that making jewellery is better than just transmuting gems now. On my server hypnotic dust is 1.2g each, and GCE is down under 50g. I can still sell cut rare gems for 35-100g each.

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