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04/07/2012 05:34 AMPosted by Anyonehome
How do you make keybinds manually through interface for letters w / a /s / d with out messing up your movement, and other keybinds that happen to be the same key used for something else for example: V is used to see target's health.

Rebind the function in question to a different key. If you wish to use WASD for abilities instead of movement, simply bind your movement keys elsewhere, or learn to move with the mouse (by default, movement is double-bound to WASD and the arrow keys). That I've so far seen, there isn't a keybind that can't be changed (except perhaps Esc for the main menu), so don't worry about experimenting a bit--you can always reset everything to the defaults if you mess up too horribly :)
Yeah I have the small hand problem as well as a severed nerve in the left hand which makes finding a good bind difficult! :-(
12/13/2012 10:36 AMPosted by Felicenavdah
Yeah I have the small hand problem as well as a severed nerve in the left hand which makes finding a good bind difficult! :-(

Similar issue here, damaged tendon to the left ring finger and it gimped the pinky along the way.

Movement is primarily through the mouse but I left W for forward and Q/E for strafe with S for backing up. I use QWE as my home keys, leaving my pinky off to the side. This led to CAPS always being toggled so I popped the CAPS key off the keyboard. Now my pinky can rest in the hollow spot but still reach TAB when needed and with a slight twist get SHIFT and CTRL.

I can reliably hit 1 (mostly) and 2 (if I think about it) so I tend to have 1-2 minute cooldowns there, things that I plan ahead to use on a regular basis.

R is my main nuke on a caster and interrupts on T. SHIFT + R for trinkets/CDs to pop with it. For my melee I scoot the interrupt to R.

ADF are for cleansing, removing curse, crowd control, polymorph, horn of winter, etc., things that I'm not constantly having to hammer.

Just about everything else is bound to mousewheel up or down coupled with a SHIFT, CTRL, and/or ALT modifier. (Pesky Windows key got in the way so it got popped off, too.) Pinky for the SHIFT and CTRL, thumb handles ALT. I tend to put offensive abilities on mousewheel up (shooting forward) and defensive on the down (pulling towards me).

For really limited or situational cooldowns, I have a bar of abilities floating just below my toon, those I click as needed.

The whole set up is modeled after a rogue "mousewheel of death" article I saw years ago, wish I could remember where and link to it.
Fairly indepth guide but I don't see any mention of mouseover macros. As a healer the concept of mousing-over targets really drives home the point about how useful keybinds can be, because without them you're still clicking even if you're using hotkeys, just on half as many things.
12/13/2012 01:12 PMPosted by Ninetales
Fairly indepth guide but I don't see any mention of mouseover macros.

Because this deals with actual keybinding, not macros. If you want macros, go read a macro guide/thread.
I like the idea of a separation of hands, like you said you prefer: actions on the left, movement on the right (I'm assuming right-handed mouse), but in practice I haven't found this feasible. It's nice to be able to click on things when I'm moving. That requires pressing forward with the keyboard to have a hovering mouse hand to interact with things (e.g., sometimes it's faster than tabbing through mobs).. However, this is the exception, not the rule. Also, I like to be able to spin the camera to see what's behind me. This too requires moving forward with the keyboard and using the mouse for camera control.

I use a Logitech G600. Basically, a Naga, as you mentioned. And I'll agree that with all those buttons, the action bar is better bound to the mouse. The reason for this is, no matter how you bind the keys on the keyboard, you will be pressing some keys more than others, and with different fingers! This causes uneven wear on the fingers, like my little finger getting sore first because I'm always pressing 1. I could move the ability, but that just makes another finger wear faster. With the MMO mouse, it's always the thumb, and the thumb is much sturdier (my thumb never gets tired).
hey guys,
im a shadow priest and i have keybindings already but i want to make them better

i use arrows to move,
1-6 for mind flay, mind blast, mind spike, shadow word pain, vampiric touch, and devouring plague
ctr+ 1-6 for bubble, flash heal, and the rest of the heals
shift+ 1-6 for fear, void tendrils, dispersion, the stealth thing, and trinket
i use u, i, o, p, [, ], and \ for buffs, and mount
alt for targeting enemy and ctr alt for target ally
i read that casters should always strafe instead of walking backwards but i cant strafe with arrows
i tried using the mouse to move but thats confusing

please help
11/03/2013 03:46 PMPosted by Faelnir
i tried using the mouse to move but thats confusing

Practice, lots of it.

I noticed you don't have WASD, Q, or E used for anything in that list. Q and E are the default "strafe left" and "strafe right" If you use those in conjunction with the arrows or WASD you CAN strafe with the keyboard. However, using the mouse to turn and combining that with strafing is quicker and more efficient (once you get the hang of it).
Cool post.
I'm really fond of setting up my bartender so the bars make an approximation of the keyboard layout of my binds, so I can tell at a glance what's ready to go. The bars look like:

1 2 3 4 S1 S2 S3 S4
q Sw e r Sq Se Sr St
z x c v Sz Sx Sc Sv

wasd is reserved for movement, and I have the Shift- keys generally reserved for multi target, or upgraded versions of the spell. For instance, e is templar's verdict, and Se is divine storm. Or r is judgment and exorcism is Sr.

Heals and buffs I don't bind, but configure them through vuhdo. I keep a couple on a spare bar with my mount and fishing etc in case I need to heal a passerby tho.
thanks, but i use my right hand for arrows to move so that i can click shift and ctrl fast
if i move it to wasd then my hands will be cramped up in the same space
how do i fix this?
thanks in advance
can i ask, how would i get a keypad to work in wow?

for keybinding obviously.
so if you are using 1-6 for abilities and say shift+1-6 for cool downs do you use your mouse for movement? or do you use the arrow keys or even still use wasd even though i don't see how using wasd would still be possible. Also if you are using arrow keys/ mouse movement can you still strafe? As a rogue player binding keys seems like it would be really difficult to fit in all of the cool downs+ combo finishers and if you also play a rogue I would like to hear how you set up your key bindings. Thank you
You should be able to strafe using combination of right mouse button and A/D or Right/Left arrows keys.
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I will try this an I hope it works
will this guide still work if it was made 3 years ago?
Thankfully I just made a rouge yesterday, and with my Night elf Druid, I never ended up key binding. I'm going to key bind my rouge from the start w/ the help of this guide.
Thanks for this guide
09/04/2015 08:37 PMPosted by Anguspeppere
will this guide still work if it was made 3 years ago?

The concept of keybinding isn't likely to change anytime soon, it's just assigning abilities to the keyboard instead of leaving them as an icon to click.

All that really changes is what you keybind and why.

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