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Wyrmrest Accord
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Where: Dalaran's luxurious Legerdemain Inn

When: Saturday nights at 8PM, sometimes I am really in the mood and open the doors to start spinning music, dancing by myself at 7 while I wait for the rest of the staff.

Who: Both factions are welcome to relax, cut loose and meet. We have bilingual staff to accomodate all of your needs.

Featuring different live djs including: Myself, formerly of the Shattrath raves, I am mostly electrohouse or techno. And now we welcome Valliac as our resident DJ! See below for his Fb. Our sound is streamed through

I certainly do take requests, just tell me what you'd like to make your night a good one.

Free wine, cheese and hors d'ouevres. Also other exotic treats and prizes that vary from week to week. Some are for sale, but many are free.

If the music is too loud, we have very nice soundproof suites upstairs available.

Do you like to play games? They are perfectly legal of course and you can win big!

We are always hiring! Waitstaff, management and entertainers apply at our streamsite. All shapes and sizes welcome. Experience preferred but will train. Personality is everything.
no doubt this is the place to be !!!! there's lots of beauty !!!
Oh hey look at this thread title it seems like a possible cool place to be.

10/12/2011 09:35 PMPosted by Talaline
Featuring DJRainlight of, very skilled trance and progressive you may recall from Club Trix and other events

10/12/2011 09:35 PMPosted by Talaline
Shattrath raves

10/12/2011 09:35 PMPosted by Talaline

I love having new music every time! I personally try to not use the same track twice without reason, but there are always requests and favorites, plus some that just work well as transitions.

Can't wait to hear what you have for us Shay! Next week it's just you, and perhaps Shinva spinning tunes until I get back from work. If I get home and there are enough listeners I'll do a set.

If you see me around, we need to work on one tiny technical detail before Saturday. Or you can ask Shinva actually.
Ooh Miss Lady, hire me!

They're doing it wrong, I get this face
Highlord Tirion Fordring yells: This is our final stand.

oontz oontz oontz

What happens here will echo through the ages.

oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz

Regardless of outcome, they will know that we fought with honor. That we fought for the freedom and safety of our people.

oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz throw yer hands up in the air say heyyyyy oontz

Highlord Tirion Fordring says: Oh, for crying out loud. Arthas is hosting a rave in the Citadel again. Let's pick this up again tomorrow.

This made my night. I saved it to the computer.
Sat afternoon bump. Lotsa lols here, trolls gonna (attempt to) troll (unsuccessfully).


Anyway this is all pending work schedules, whether or not either of us are actually around saturdays to spin, etc etc. In theory it's weekly, in practice who knows....

*Walks into the Purple Parlor*

oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz

*Walks out of the Purple Parlor*

*Walks into the Legerdemain Lounge*

oontz oontz oontz oontz oontz

*Walks out of the Legerdemain Lounge*

*Throws self off of Dalaran, sans Slow Fall*
10/15/2011 03:13 PMPosted by Rainelight
trolls gonna (attempt to) troll

Yes, this is dependent on work schedules but we have enough fabulous staff to keep it running!
Every week, on Saturday in the Legerdemain at 8, or sooner.

I think I have focused too much on my love for Vegas this week. I only found one other person willing to play me and I lost 200 gold right away.
The game mechanics aren't the best for such things, /random 1-13 doesn't allow for card counting.
Ooooh I can feel it! I might as well put this here since I know I'm next to get it!

People complaining about rp violations. Okay I admit the guy who started all that crap about Trix -was- a friend of mine who would tell me everyday how much he loved me until he noticed I was in Club Trix. Really! And now he hates me. I guess some people don't have things in their real lives to be upset about.
For me, my career is so full of pain and suffering I don't get into the dramatic negativity I see in the rp scene.
That is why I choose to partake in events that are fun. There are so many items and locations in this game conducive to aesthetically-pleasing social events.

I got bored of the PVE aspect while still a lonely army wife, I resisted playing WoW best I could. Then I naturally moved to rp, but was tired of nonstop conflicts that other players so badly wanted.

Why else would Blizzard go through the trouble of designing the Legerdemain, complete with lavish suites, alcohol sales, in the style of a casino- if it were only to be used by a pair of erpers once a month?

Everyone thinks they are an rp god here, I even made a fool of myself asking a gm about people's rp issues and was told the only time there might be a problem is if an event got too large. And that hasn't happened in a very long time.

I also hear that a new MMO will probably make WoW suffer even more, but until it really dies I'll keep holding this event, or move it to a different game or format. It isn't worth it for me to dj weddings or clubs when I have a job in a completely different field.
Well I will certainly be there with bells on. And as little else as possible . It's been a blast the last few times so I will always try to be there and have fun.
If you guys would like a guest dj, I offer my services either for this week or next. Send me an in-game or a whisper if you want to arrange anything.

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