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I'm on my way to Dal right now. Just have to make a pit stop when I get there...
Come party with us Azeroth!
Today I'll actually be DJing again, doing a little preshow before our resident bull Valliac. I'd stay the whole night but I have a party to attend.

Hopefully I remember how to spin! This set was inspired by my angry trip to Vegas.

5/26 we should open a bit early. We usually open at 8 server. Legerdemain Lounge!
Ughhhhh I had to reset my soundcard settings because people insisted I get on Skype and Mumble, when they can just call me instead. It usually requires a huge reset to all my settings.... well it messed them up to the point where I was only broadcasting bass. THANKFULLY
Valliac was there and was our dj all by himself. But he was getting tired so we called it an early night.
Tomorrow, er.. tonight 6/2/12

DJTala will start off the night for a little preshow at 8

Then our resident bull Valliac

Come down and get smashed with me, or study conjuration and sip tea if you prefer.

It seems the club scene has been declining (Tera? I'll likely check that out myself once the semester is over).

DJ Rage will be closing out the night with a hard bass pumping hour. Come down and join us! Spinning of the tunes begins at 8!

DJ Tala, DJ Valliac, and DJ Rage bringing you tunes to get your blood boiling and feet moving.
Come party with us Azeroth!
We are open again this week of 6/9! I'll start off the night as your DJ. I'm not even sure of the rest of the schedule I have been so indisposed........ Rage said something to me about a set. Either way we will be in our usual location providing our usual elegant craziness.
Hi! I hear DJ Rage will be spinning a hour of hard bass hitting tunes! He'll do that after Tala. If there are no other DJs, we'll do some replay of last week or somethin.


DJ Tala
DJ Rage

See you alls there!
Sounds fun. I will stop by.
Woohoo! I'll be there.

*WINK* @ Kricket!
I'll be around if rage wants to play after me. I'd offer to play afterwards, but I have to be at work stupid-early tomorrow.

Either way, should be there.
*kisses Kricket on the cheek*

There we go. So our line up tonight will be:

DJ Tala
DJ Valliac
DJ Rage

Going to be a fun night! Come on Azeroth, come on over and party with us!
Imp Radio / Stream is Live! / For some rocking tunes!
Hhhnngh.... so sorry guys, but if you knew of the awesome exhausting night, and day afterwards I had that caused me to oversleep........... I'll save my set and live mashup ideas for next week. Thanks for making it a good Saturday in spite of my issue!
6/16 STILL OPEN LIKE almost every week!
We have Valliac and maybe myself supplying the music.

I won't be up late
but I will be trying to intoxicate everyone and serve exotic delicacies
because the waitresses have been missing for a long time. Who needs a job?
Talk to me.
I had fun last week.
For 6/23 our schedule!

A preshow by DJRage 7-8

Valliac from 8-930

Maybe me after that if we have enough listeners and I don't crash (sick)

It's now half a year away from Lunar Festival, are you sick of Midsummer Fire Festival already?
I am and I still have many more flowers to pick from fires, how crazy is that? We'll probably have the seasonal alcohol on-hand for those of you who can't get enough of it, but we also have an endless supply of Moonglow, which would become our house specialty if I had my way.
Unfortunately, I will be unable to do the pre-show. Had plans for last night, but turned out they were for tonight.

I will miss being there! Have a good time.
We're still here tonight.

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