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Wyrmrest Accord
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A recording from the main DJ!
Valliac starting off (not in WoW sadly) at around 7 due to the East Coast attendees

same site for now!

Message me in-game about ideas for a Saturday party/tavern event, still thinking of what exactly to do about the CRZ issues.
I THINK im doing something? I may just be playing music for people who are grinding monks or pandaria levels or whatever.
I couldn't find anyone interested in any rp, and my WoW time was spent trying to level my Alliance main. I'm up for help in a Saturday night event, just ask, but I checked in and the Legerdemain didn't have a soul in there for roleplay, and usually there is a tablefull at the very least.

This week I am focusing on djing IRL, since I have neglected the RL club, my replacement SUCKS and almost ruined our event. RL events require a somewhat different type of music, but if no dj can make it, or it's not a high-priority night I may merge the RL with whatever MMO event stream we use.
So, before anyone jumps to conclusions, we not gone. I myself have been taking a break to enjoy MoP and just do a little practice stuff on the side.

I believe Tala does not have the ability to play due to computer issues. I may be slightly wrong, but still.

We'll probably be back in a week or two. Same place, same time.
I have been working on djing IRL on Sats, and just because I'm not there doesn't mean Valliac and whoever can't have a open party-type Saturday event.

I am sorry to DJRage who seems to be driven off WoW due to a clique I won't name. But there are others who ask about helping, just ask one of us in-game!

Whenever I login I notice someone attempts a similar event on that day. Honestly, it's usually more fun and easier doing an rp event, since today I'm working on my outfit/hair/buying gear/new types of tunes instead of selecting whatever I felt like for a short set as opposed to all evening.
I know DJ Rage out-of-game and he was not driven off WoW due to a clique or any other reason related to social interaction.

He has returned to EvE Online where he has been a capsuleer for eight years now. Also, he is still playing WoW and is enjoying the peaceful tranquility of the Pandarian race and culture.

He told me to send his best wishes and love to the WrA community.
Haven't played EVE in ages.

Hope he has fun, because...hell, I couldn't justify it.
It still seems odd that someone I have been on good terms with suddenly takes me off contacts and changes their name- right AFTER other people give him WrA drama that I tried to protect him from. Anyhow.. moving on.

I still want to do something! I hear random people talk about similar things, I hear "let's do it this way" but I guess we're all not really sure what direction to take.
Was starting to ask around, about a weekly or .. monthly rp social event on Saturdays. It seems people are getting back into fun, social rp events. A guild I'm in was all for doing something in SMC, but the person I relied on for music informed me that's a bad idea somehow. I accept that opinion!

On the 17th I'll be for public entertainment at Primal Burn in AZ if anyone is out that way, keep me company!
I was actually mulling this over in my head earlier today.

I could do something tomorrow night, if people like.

Since we don't have the luxury for shopping around destinations for right now, we will probably stay at our usual spot until further notice.

EDIT: more typos. More typos.
We've moved to Rift on Saturdays, on Faeblight shard. They have Dimensions, which allows both factions to enter a custom-made "player housing" area for the party which starts two hours earlier than the Imp did on WoW, at 7 server I think. More info on tomorrow to come!

Also, Rift's free trial accounts allow participation, my character is Khaawzia (every variation of Tala was taken) and Valliac is Valliac.

The RL club had issues, so for now I'll be up to rp events again, still open to a WoW event if it falls into place.
Valliac's on live on since LTMR has been giving us problems for awhile.

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