The Lucky Imp Lounge is now open!

Wyrmrest Accord
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Fantastic, can't wait to hear your style!
I'll look for you, and we'll discuss this business.
I am not the executive of Lucky Imp. For the time being Mr. Rainelight actually is but I'm sure he won't mind- because this Saturday I will be working for the majority or entirety of my set elsewhere.

(If you see me online at the event, it probably isn't really Tala playing, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Such is my crazy schedule till my degree is done!)
Valliac, I am impressed!
You can work with me anytime!

I'm just a little mad because I'll probably have to miss your set -whines-
But you know..... such is life. If I can't work, can't play WoW, so on and so forth.
Maybe next time. ;)

Anyway, im sure things will work out tonight. I should be playing either or early or late, but i'll definitely be playing tonight. Hour-long set or however long the time works out for.

Would love to see people there and listening.



Hear me in my drunken rage live toight -_- Athene's got nothing on me this time, FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU--

The lounge is currently live with Raine playing and myself coming on later in the evening! Stop by the Legerdemain Lounge to join in the fun!
And a certain someone already has an rp worked out for his panda, kept me up all night with it. Too bad I have to wait a year for it. OH my god!

Anyways......they chose me as the one to leave early at work, so I was fortunate enough to catch a good deal of your set, as well as Shay Sinn's. All of you guys make me so happy.

I also enjoyed meeting new partygoers and customers, it seems quite a few are coming to Wyrmrest Accord or WoW in general just for these events!

I was also happy to not have to dj, I had a headache and would rather save my new tracks for next week when it will probably be just myself and perhaps Rainlight. I'll think I'll hold up a little of the industrial-goth aspect since Shay won't be there.
Weekly bump -- apparently Legerdemain is going to be busy tonight with a couple events. Nice!

Can't make it in person this week (work), but Tala Shay and Valli should be on hand to supply your music tonight. :)
(For some reason it wouldn't let me post on forums past few days)

No, it was just meeeee as the dj last week. WTB DJS!

I actually hired someone to train in the midst of all of that, but he's not a dj.
We still had a blast, and you missed it. I was asked for a different style, so I gave it. I'm really surprised at what was requested and what seems like people actually prefer from me.

Both factions are cordially invited to attend The Lucky Imp Lounge tonight!

Where: Dalaran's Legerdemain Inn

When: Saturday 8PM

Featuring multiple, highly talented DJs.

I've been attending the dance club events for quite a while now, and I have found them to be tremendous fun. Lots of great people and fun RP. I look forward to seeing everyone.
*CHEERS!* I will be there!
These events...confuse me. They bring out my jim face.

I'm around tonight.

I can do this.
I should dust off my dancing shoes... :)
I'll try to keep my trance set as short as I can while honoring the requests I got, so Valliac can spin after me. Rainelight is first, doing D&B at 7 or 8 to start us off. (I'll be a Femeesha or Neelia tonight! I don't like playing more than one account)
I finally recovered enough from that Saturday to post an update, whew!

It went well! Next time, if I can, I won't dj if we have skilled djs like Rainelight AND Valliac. It got a little crazy about an hour after we opened, some sort of lover's tiff went on. I was too busy to intervene in time, thankfully we had a quick response from our troll security after our orc dancer jumped on it.

Just so you know: there are people who work here and I assure you, no matter how attractive or charming they may be, they are simply doing their jobs, they are not there to steal your mate.
Well it is a lovely location, I can't blame people for holding events there. It seemed so lonely on Saturdays, and I couldn't think of a better social venue for both alliance and horde to fraternize.
Although there were times when it got so full I thought "Should I move this to the dirty sewers?" Or even to a different realm entirely.
But, being a busy girl I will do my best to keep it going on weekends I am available, and hope my business partners or any new cohorts can open the doors every Saturday in my absence. If by chance everyone is busy on Saturday nights we'll post here, and pick up again the next week.
But so far so good!

Saturday was a lot of fun. I'd like to encourage and thank everyone who participated. <3
Bringing this up to the front because, you know, it's tonight.

I'll be playing tonight. We're still hammering out the final schedule as to who will be playing when.

As always, show up and we promise a good time or at the very least good music.

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