The Lucky Imp Lounge is now open!

Wyrmrest Accord
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Both factions are cordially invited to attend The Lucky Imp Lounge tonight!

Where: Dalaran's Legerdemain Inn

When: Saturday 8PM

Featuring multiple, highly talented DJs.

I've been attending the dance club events for quite a while now, and I have found them to be tremendous fun. Lots of great people and fun RP. I look forward to seeing everyone.
This week we have Valliac again doing his electrohouse live mixing at 8! Followed by DJRainlight doing his trance/progressive style. THAT MEANS........ I probably don't need to actually dj this week, I can party and enjoy instead, nice.

I might dj before or after them, if I need to. Lots of other things for me to do in the Legerdemain besides dj.
Just under 2 hours til the party starts... :)
Ladies and Gentlemen I am a bit ashamed of myself, but - try to understand if you will.
The way I see it, I work hard so I play hard!

I think I may have scared Rainelight off for a bit with my .. behavior. I personally thought it was hilarious and fun. But someone held a conference with me afterwards about THAT and described it as tormenting Rainelight. I am horrified to have been informed that I have "tormented" anyone, since I am a little angel.

If he needs a little time away from my craziness, I still have prerecorded mixes from him.

Anyhow, that person also told me he would like a raise. *places finger to my cheek and ponders, then lets out an evil giggle*

I will consider it.

I'll give you my answer next Saturday darling.
Tomorrow night we present to you---------------

Valliac, who should be starting at 8 server time doing his talented live mixing of electrohouse,

and ME

doing, something else, probably some trance. Let me know what you what you'd like to see and hear, otherwise I'll do what I please, and you know that doesn't always have the best results. I probably caused Rainelight to ask for a week away from me -sobs for a moment- but if you want him back tomorrow, or sooner you might be able to persuade him by sending him a message on his site.

Sexy Shinva is on vacation this weekend, I will miss his gratuitous amount of bare flesh accented by little blue shorts, or as some call them, low-level DPS legplates.

Contests, as always for the finest-looking and most pleasingly dressed. Also, others randomly throughout the night!

I will be tired when I get in, since I have to work right up until 7:30 server. So I will be pretty much winging it this week.

But I will do my best as always with an hour or two set.
Bump for a great party.

See everyone there.
My friend, I am usually tired after 12 hours of being in-control and proper, and when I am tired I really start acting up!
What is this doing down here? Get up to the top.
It was in the middle last I checked. I'll keep this thread and the streamsite blog , a link is on (if the blasted thing works more than 20% of the time) to post info and tidbits, if you want Valliac.

I heard nothing but good things about what you just spun for us at our weekly all-out party, you kept it going so well I only had to do about 30 minutes of slightly more chill music to end the night, since I had to goooooo.
It's on for tomorrow night, but I won't be there most likely. I have to work!

But, welcome DJ Rage! I wish I would for certain be home to listen to what you have for us!
Business at Greasewald Tailoring has been slow at best, so I might pop in tonight to see if this place is any good. Maybe I'll do a bit of advertisin' while I'm at it...heheh.
Two hours and counting... :) Time for a party.
Well, I certainly had a good time last night! I'll do my best to make sure more alliance know about it. Later in the evening the music kept cutting out and I couldn't get the stream again, and then we left. :(
Aysun, sorry you had that problem. Some people have that problem and refreshing the page, or hitting F5 usually fixes it! For me, as long as my internet is okay I don't hear skipping. I had that problem for a second when the Djs switched from Rage to Valliac.

[And, you don't have to be a Blood Elf to rp on WrA! It's true!

Aye. If the music skips you have to either refresh the page or close IE and relaunch your browser. I've had to do both in the past at different times.

It was wonderful having you with us! We definetly would love to have more of our alliance friends join us. :-)

Usually when people switch in the stream, the initial stream will be choppy until people refresh the page.

Not sure why, happens when I start my mixing a lot.
After this week looks like I'll be noc shift charge at work on the weekends. Technically it's a RL promotion, but if you ask me work is work. I hope to find a better job, and I don't plan on keeping this one when school is done, maybe as soon as this spring, if not done next fall.

That means I'll probably start spinning live on Saturdays a bit earlier, so I can leave for work at 845 server time and hand it off to one of my wonderful co-djs/hosts. I can still partake in RP or whatever I am asked to at other times, Tala doesn't only come out to play on weekends you know. But I WILL miss the afterhours people.

This week I think Rainlight is finishing up his latest mix for me to play, since he has to work weekends too :(. I'm thinking that once the holiday season is done Rainlight will officially come back.
Remember, we have our Sexy Shinva, Sartonius, Sran and Valliac who WILL make you dance.
And contests, as well as other entertainers to follow!
All these dance clubs and rave parties remind me of Second Life clubs. Not a good association to make, but....meh.

Someone needs to step up and spin some more WoW-appropriate music. Even if it's just a little more. You can do electronic without the oontz.
It sounds like you have attended our event if you know what I often play. FILTHY/SEXY ELECTRONIC OONTZ. I personally don't like WoW-parodies or....... well I don't really know what WoW appropriate music is. But I use this as a way to extract every bit of fun out of this game, allow people to meet and RP, or not RP as they please. Many don't even listen to the stream, which is just as okay with me.

I wanted to fill the social nightclub rp void that Club Lyeon left on Saturdays. And keep up my dj skills, because I really don't have time to dj at the local fetish club these days now I'm back in school. And I really don't want to be in that scene anymore now I've advanced my real career a bit. (yes, that may be why I have that certain style, even though I rotate subgenre) I did used to get paid for what I did IRL, here it's free, yet people here are much more particular than RL clubs and events are.
I have gotten requests to produce remakes of WoW themes but I only got one halfway done so far.
If you like WoW music, well Polara on Fridays at Trix often spins those, and she was in a Secondlife event. If I recall, last week our DJRage played some WoW parodies and WoW music mixed into his set.
I am always open to requests. I remember one week someone asked me to play some Sabbath (really now!) when I was doing a trance set, if I recall. I still honored it, but I had to find a cover of it, and do it at the end of a set.

Shinva has played things exactly as requested, that's his style.

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