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Wyrmrest Accord
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OH one more thing! I have two accounts (don't ask why, long story) I don't need to have them both on at once, but since they are linked, if this main account goes inactive-

Which it will in about a day, the forums won't let me post on my alternate account, at all.
So instead of Talà and Talanesha I'll have Talaline and Xerraa.

I'll be unable to post ramblings on the forums for the next few weeks, but I think I did enough for now!~
We'll be starting early tonight, 7pm server, if i'm correct in my assumption.

Someone will be starting, either myself or Rage.
We're here and we're live. Tala's starting us off.

Hop into the Legerdemain Inn and say hello!
Open tonight. Stream starts at 7. Club opens at 8.

Looking forward to seeing everyone. :)

-DJ Rage
I will be starting us off tonight. Another one of our talented DJs will spin up after me around 10 Server time.
Will be on Sran tonight. Oluss is the alliance liason. :)

-DJ Rage

Back to the top. :)

*showers, irons clothes, shines shoes*
I'm here, im awake. I worked 10 hours BUT IM HERE.
The house is rocking! Come join us!
Tala's starting us up tonight, then i'll be taking over for my usual 1-2 hour set, then SHAY will be playing a set after im done!

I'm going to be doing something different tonight. Simply, I want to talk to Wyrmrest. While im playing, send me any questions you'd like answered. I can answer what I can and the REALLY GOOD ONES get answered on-air.

Tala's playing RIGHT NOW, so listen in.
Come join us!
Woo I can post again!

PEOPLE I want to know (and don't worry, I'm near troll-proof)
what you want to hear more of, if you listen to the stream, or even if you don't.

Don't be afraid of hurting my feelings either since I, Tala, don't count- unless of course you have something regarding ME to say. Don't worry I can take it!
What you say I will not reveal to anyone anyhow.
So we can make your Saturdays even better, what style, dj or events do you like best?

Tell me privately in-game, or my alliance Neelia. But in about a week I'll be using my other account with Talanesha and Talà. Alt+133 for à.
I ran through Dalaran in the midst of holiday shopping for quite the pleasant shock. Rage was hosting a surprise Winter Veil rave in the Underbelly! He told me nothing about it, wanted to give a surprise gift. My felguard and I threw on some cindercloth and joined the impromptu party.
And he did such a good job, better than I do if you ask me, so I told him to take over ownership of the Lounge, at least co-ownership with yours truly.
For Saturday, I'll be there to open the doors and start the show as I have been.
But in the spirit of the season I have been asked to play more holiday-appropriate music and give out random gifts to anyone who opens a trade, until they are gone. Neelia and Ios should be the Alliance Greatfather Winter girls, with our Dalaran star Shinva giving them out for the horde.

Not epic gear, but not Brill grey junk either. If my grandmama was still around, she'd probably buy me things like this. I am definitely old enough to be a grandmother, but I live alone with my demon, and I don't need to cook for him. That's why I'm still keeping the Lounge open on December 24.
Had a fun evening, thanks everyone <3
I don't know all that happened because I had to leave for work at 845.
Shinva wasn't there, said he was sick. >.>. Ios got hacked, so I had do dance extra hard.
I did get nice holiday greetings from Rainlight who was driving home from dinner.

Shinva and Ios- I had sent most of the presents to those two for distribution. I gave out the ones I had on hand, and did some speed-shopping for the good girls and boys. This caused me to let a few tracks run out, shame shame!
But it was a difficult type of set to do, holiday music that was danceable, as I heard Trix saying about Friday.

I will be accepting exchanges for the gifts for the next 10 days, because they probably weren't the best, since the best ones are sitting in the mailboxes of the third-party Greatfather and Greatmother Winters who were MIA.

When those two come back, they will get A HUGE SACKFUL OF COAL. BETTER PUT SHEETS DOWN IN YOUR HOUSE, because this coal is FILTHY!
Note to self: Don't drink and mix. I mean, it all turned out fine, save for one laptop hiccup, but yeah....

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