Which fantasy universe do you wish was REAL?

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Seconded for Mass Effect. Cause I'd be best friends with the Quarians. :]
the one where I get to have "meaningful conversations" with Sasha and Sticky Vicky
Vahalla or Monster hunter. Wake up in the morning have a drink then fight, if you fall in battle it is ok, you'll res at the end of the day to drink some more.

and in Monster hunter you take out dragons and wyverns, and if you fail its ok Kitties to the rescue!
Pokemon, Harry Potter, My Little Pony, Legend of Zelda. Done.
Demon's Souls
The Doctor Who universe (aka the Whoniverse).

Just remember to not plan on being in London during Christmas, double check that crack in your bedroom wall, and stare at statues. Watch out for those statues.
Azeroth or The Enchanted Lands (Rhapsody's "Emerald Sword")
Westeros (Game Of Thrones) or Middle-earth (Hobbit/LOTR). Two very intriguing worlds that I'd love to be in.
Mass Effect.

Sort of.
Pokemon and Kingdom Hearts as "would be cool"s.

Being of the Field/Celestial Triad for "would be awesome".

Mega Man Battle Network for "why the hell is no one making the Internet work this way in real life".
hmm, it would probably be star wars, avatar last airbender, warcraft xD lol, harry potter, and lord of the rings,those are what i'm stuck with haha
prototype/ INfamous

How cool would it be to be a living virus or have power over fire ice and lightning
When you think about it some of these Fantasy Worlds (Star Wars, LOTR, etc.) aren't too far off from having similar societies and practices in events such as ours. The difference is the way it's done what universe it's done in the time and place. You know stuff like that, oh and magic.

Mass murder of innocents. The striving want for inner and world peace. Corrupt Government. Corrupt Technology.

All things we have in common with these Fantasies.

So all in all I pick Star Wars cause Light Sabers.
Westeros (Game Of Thrones) or Middle-earth (Hobbit/LOTR). Two very intriguing worlds that I'd love to be in.

Seconded. I'm leaning more towards Westeros, but Middle Earth would be pretty cool too.
Azeroth or The Enchanted Lands (Rhapsody's "Emerald Sword")

You just want to try and Romance Miranda.
Forgotten Realms
Wheel of Time
My Little Pony, no explanation needed.
This. Anywhere humans don't exist.

Or Mass Effect. Biotics, aka mages, in a Sci-fi story was just awesome.
Now, this kind of question comes up allot, so I have some thoughts on it.

The moral thing about wishing these things where real is that you also wish for all the bad things in them. Zombie Apocalypse for example...

Another thing is rather or not you would be one of the "Special People" of that world. I don't think anyone who would want to live in one of the fantasy worlds wants to just be normal, or in many cases cannon fodder. So wishing to be one of these "Special People" kinda goes hand in hand.

Another thing is would you be yourself or would you have different memories or a different life? Would you just be you plopped into that world?

Things to think about.

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