Which fantasy universe do you wish was REAL?

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prototype/ INfamous

How cool would it be to be a living virus or have power over fire ice and lightning

Its cool if you're the main character, and even then, the main characters of those series are not the happiest people. Worst if you are just a hapless civilian, you'd die getting curbstomped.

I'd rather live in Pokemon or Monster Hunter. Some easy going fantasy universe where I can just drop all my responsibilities and fight things all day.
I would live in Dragon Ball Z and be saiyan. or in Pokémon and be a trainer.
Oh easy, Forgotten Realms. I have some unfinished business to take care of in Luskan :|
Mass Effect.

Sort of.

This, but only after the ending.
My little pony
I'd wish the Matrix was real. I only wish I would be the one who would be fighting the Androids and be OUT of the matrix though. I don't like to live in a fantasy although I do that a lot with WoW...
My autobiography

Then maybe Fairy Tail.
I would say Mass Effect. Reason for me, there are tons of issues out there in the world, which seems cannot be resolved. If we had a comon threat, like the Reapers, things could change. So if we don't get our act together, our society (world) would be wiped out, and another one would have a shot getting it right, when they return.
I personally would choose WoW. I myself would make a great Death Knight.
I'm gonna go ahead and change mine to Eve Online's universe. The idea of essentially becoming a large spaceship, and being cloned whenever I die is sort of appealing.
Warhammer 40K. I would glady fight along with Commissar Yarrick in either of the 3 wars on Hive World Armageddon. I would love to pilot a Baneblade tank :)
Tiger and Bunny. I haven't seen it, but commercialized superheroes :O

I would totally be the Aquaman of the universe, with the powers that are way too narrow to be useful.
Depends if I'm a main character or not.

Assuming yes then you don't get more wish-fulfillment-y than being an epic level character in Dungeons and Dragons.
star trek, everything else have people suffering too much.
Pokemon! :D And Lord of the Rings.
I was going to say Warhammer 40k...

But then I thought better of it. I feel like living in the 40k universe would be a fate worse than death. Though, it would probably be short lived...

Unless you are enslaved by the Dark Eldar, or possessed by Chaos, or something worse...

Ugh, I think I'll pass.
Which Avatar? The air-bender one or the blue tree hugging over budget film with no actual good or original story?
I'd have to go with Star Wars. I'd love to live in a world or universe where planet travel was the equivalent of flying in an airplane currently. And I'd love if alien races spoke our languages too and we could all hang out. That's why I love the Mass Effect games.

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