[H] <Hero Squad> is Recruiting! 4/8 Heroic DS

Bleeding Hollow
Bumping for science!
wats this thread about?
Happy raid week, everyone!
I'm interested in raiding with you guys in MoP, on my war tank, if your gonna be raiding then. I'll hop on tonight and try and chat with you guys.
Bump back to the first page. We've had some great additions to the team over the past 2 weeks, and could use a few more! herosquad.us for details.
Hello there, I have a 85 bear tank I am thinking about bringing over. Khaoticlumi on armory (from twisting nether). Just wanted to see what you thought.
Hey there Illuminati! We are very interested in a potential bear tank for our guild. Please feel free to get in contact with any officer from Hero Squad (Bizlit, Dragopower, Psaylm, or myself) or apply directly at herosquad.us. Looking forward to hearing more from you soon!
Downed Yor'sahj Tuesday, and had a 0.3% wipe on Ultra. It's probably safe to say that we'll be 4/8 after tonight.

Our roster is getting pretty full, but we would still welcome any excellent applicants.

Visit herosquad.us for details!
4/8 Heroic after this week. Great work team on Yor'sahj and Ultraxion.

Still looking for a spriest, ele shaman, feral druid, dps dk or exceptional players of any class. If you are looking for a casual schedule combined with a guild that gets it done. Hit us up.
Do you require an exceptional wizard yet? I am of Lawful Neutral alignment with a riffing-good sense of humour and a temperate demeanor; sixteen intellect, and seventeen charisma.
Looks like we still need a tank. Would love to hear from a bear!

Bump for 5/8 HM. Great work on Zon'ozz last night, was a near perfect kill.

We are still looking for a new non-paladin tank plus a couple of top flight dps (DK, Shaman, Feral druid, or shadow priest preferred).
Looks like we still need a tank. Would love to hear from a bear!


You scared them off, I'm affraid.

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