Greater Celestial Essence

Someone on my realm just dumped like 100 each bold/brilliant/delicate rubies for 70g, so I'm set for a while on rubies, so I used a bunch of Carnelians on Spikes. D/e'd 62 spikes and got 120 essences and 54 dust. 1.94 essences/spike, which is very much in line with Wowhead reports.

Current prices are 26g/carn and 55g/essence in my realm, so if I had bought all the carnelians off the AH and sold the essences on the AH, that would be about 1.3k profit, or about 20%, counting AH fee and JC Settings.
10/09/2011 10:04 AMPosted by Raivalentine
What is the best way to farm this enchanting mat?

honor points

edit: my enchanter used to have trouble keeping a good supply of these, until I started using the trade goods vendor, I think it's about 400 points per essence

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