[A] Revision is LFM

Revision is a small guild focused on 10 man raids. We are mostly older adults with families and careers and are not able to commit to raiding more than a few nights per week, but we are still serious about raiding. If you are looking for a very relaxed guild where everyone actually gets along well and helps each other, then leave a post here or look up a member in game. We offer zero drama along with the normal repairs/flasks/food/etc.. We raid Tuesday and Thursday and sometimes Sunday from 9 to midnight. We are now 6/7 FL, T11 content is on farm. We'll be hitting Dragon Soul as soon as it comes out.

Right now we are growing at a good pace and we have just about enough raiders for a 2nd 10man team. We are always open to including mature players who are looking for a relaxed guild to call home. If you raided in vanilla and are just coming back to it or haven't raided before, we can help you gear up and skill up. Finding the right people who fit our group is more important to us than finding someone with 7/7H experience. We are always willing to discuss any raid role, so please contact an officer in game if you want to check it out.
I know that you're looking for a tank but would you be willing to accept a Balance Druid? I'm looking for exactly what your guild seems to offer in terms of raiding & scheduling. I'm L351 in terms of gear but I play daily and am gearing rapidly (I hit 85 on the 20th) -- the benefits of leading an uber relaxed personal life lmfao!
Sorry I didn't see your post before Irevumus, I don't get on the forums very often. If you are still interested, send me a note in-game. We actually don't have any boomkins raiding with us right now.

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