Disengage rework

1. For flat ground (arena) this ability should provide a standard "pop" up and back.

This is not a nerf request: I think the 'standard' distance should equal the current 'max' jump-n-pop distance for flat ground, basically another 3 yards or so if timed right.

This is a class balance argument: other classes can close with just 1 key press (rogue, DK, warrior) and there is no messing around with two actions to max the ability since there is no 'max' ability distance, just a single standard distance. Am I right here? I believe there is just one set range for death grip, for example.

2. Disengage should allow a hunter to jump facing any which way. Perhaps the default would be 'spring back' but if 'move forward' or 'move sideways' were pressed along with disengage, this would pop the hunter in that direction. Just food for thought.

Closing distance is fundamentally different from creating it. Disengage is fine the way it is, you can get more or less out of it depending on your level of skill. If you want to compare it to something, compare it to mage blinks or lock teleports. They both have a max range to be certain, but you can end up going much less distance if you don't do it right.
10/12/2011 06:04 AMPosted by Gulyas
Keep it simple: jump-turn

But it's not that simple. How many times have you done this and went in exactly the direction you wanted to go? (And I'm not talking about keyboard-turning). How many times have you hit something that you would have seen had you been facing that direction? (Assuming you have another high-level hunter somewhere, not just the lvl 14)

How many times have I blinked on my mage and went where i wanted to go? Pretty much every time because i'm facing the direction I want to go.
You must keyboard turn because I use disengage to catch up to mages trying to run away or just to better position myself closer to a boss on a boss fight and never have any problems.
jump , turn, hit a blade of grass.go nowhere
10/12/2011 08:34 AMPosted by Lookitsme
jump , turn, hit a blade of grass.go nowhere

The only time i go nowhere is when i get nova'd, chains'd, etc the same split second i do it, which is fine i guess. Better than blink which goes nowhere a whole lot.
10/11/2011 06:32 PMPosted by Detroitchamp
There are more important issues than a baddie that can't disengage properly.

Thanks for all the feedback, guys. Just don't be so quick to assume we're all bads because we have the audacity to question and challenge game assumptions ;-)

I disengage just fine, like most of you. And using mouse movement I can do most any direction. Click the ground here, abruptly turn, then pop and disengage. Not a problem. When did I ever say I was bad at any of this, or struggled with any of this?

My sole point remains - its complex. Not impossible. Not even super difficult. But overly complex.
Disengage + optimized camo (camo without the *HEY HERE I AM* predator visual) = At least I can sneak off and bandage like a mage sneaks off and eats :p Sure...a roue can sneak off and eat too but they are too busy stunlock winning while they Recuperate+Lifebloom to take out our team mate :p

In other words we get optimized camo when we land from our disengage. :p

Then I would not mind the jump/mouse turning.
I would love to have some sort of ability that allowed us to backstep at full run speed for blah seconds. But thats just rambling.

I think it would just be nice to be able to toggle if you wanted to jump forward or back.

P.S. Its still disengaging if your fleeing, doesnt matter which direction you do it in, for all of you arguing that idiotic point.
I love the players who have got used to a bugged mechanic, so they just assume everyone else should have to. Love it. love it love it love it. Like biscuits n gravy.

EDIT: Oops wrong forum. But alas.
It's pretty silly to argue about how the mechanics of an ability should work based on the name. If the name is what you're caught up on then you do realize that they can change the name, right?


Yes it's easy to disengage in any direction with a little practice but the OPs point was that it was needlessly complicated particularly when compared to an ability like blink.

Before you come here and put your point to prove hunter abilities are fine, I suggest you play a hunter at competitive level first and then give your view. And by the way, random bg doesnt fall under 'competitive level'.
i like how u think that weponz doesnt play a hunter. weponz is my warrior alt. ur making disengage sound like its the hardest thing to do. hunters have real problems unlike this disengage complaint. its simply a L2P issue. just keep practicing disengage if ur really having problems with the ability. and ur talking about "competitive lvl"? u dont even have 1550

I love this new hunter mentality. Don't fix this problem because hunter have other problems and you can work around it like so.

Guess what people all our problems have a work around its called play 5x harder then the next guy. hey end of thread right?

any problem they fix is a step in the right direction.
So lets see
Is the mechanic broken? yes
Would a fix help hunters in pvp? yes
Would it help hunters in pve? yes though limited.

So why not fix the damn thing?
I love this new hunter mentality. Don't fix this problem because hunter have other problems and you can work around it like so. Guess what people all our problems have a work around its called play 5x harder then the next guy. hey end of thread right?any problem they fix is a step in the right direction.So lets seeIs the mechanic broken? yesWould a fix help hunters in pvp? yesWould it help hunters in pve? yes though limited.So why not fix the damn thing?

Sadly, because for some forum users, arguing and insulting other players is the joy of the game.
disengage is awesome and very directional, learn to steer with ur mouse, and if u think a mage blink is soo easy, ask any mage that has blinked into an object or tried to blink and there's no solid ground at the end of the range, just won't blink, every abitlity has it's cons and pros, period. disengage is good just the way it is, stop asking to fix something that ISN'T broken and focus on tormenting the devs on crap that is broken, ie. PROWL/SPIRIT WALK, killshot, pet at 6% hp when dismounting, flares disappearing if u los it before it lands and most of WTF DO I DO ABOUT THESE DOTS ! ! ! !
Do not rework disengage. This is probably my favorite ability to juke opposing players. Te way I use disengage (depending on situation) is I jump and right click turn to position my disengage to throw me any direction I please.

~keybinding helps...
jump, turn, disangage, turn back, land.


^ 5 actions.

Shadow step = 1 action.

I think what Op is going for is that there are 4 more chances to make a mistake, as there are more moving parts. Yah yah, l2p and it's not an issue, say what you will, but frankly OP makes a valid point.

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