Cooking Daily..

I'm just curious what you all do after you've maxed cooking and gotten all the cooking daily recipes.. do you still do it? o.o
10/13/2011 10:38 AMPosted by Alydriel
do you still do it?


I did the Thunder Bluff and Undercity ones when they were introduced, just to see them. Then I went back and did them all again when they introduced the achievements for the Thunder Bluff and Undercity ones.
Cooking? No. I have lots of alts that do the cooking daily that don't care about the skill -- just doing it for easy experience. So those alts have cooking awards I can use if I ever need some of the cooking materials like cocoa beans or "tasty" meat (mmm, basilisk "liver" :P ). Which leaves me no reason at all to do the daily on Qazzi, unless I really want that 16 gold or whatever it is.

Edit: Forgot my other part. Sometimes I'll do the fishing daily, though, in hopes of getting some more of the shiny fishing poles.
My alts have been doing them for guild rep, city rep, the achievements, and in one amusing case my bank alt has levelled from 75 to 78 so far just doing the daily every day.

My main stopped doing them the moment she had everything they offer. The real reward for completing dailies is not having to do them any more.
10/13/2011 01:05 PMPosted by Thrugg
The real reward for completing dailies is not having to do them any more.

Hear, hear.

Having the luxury to do them or not, if I feel like it, is so very nice. Being an achievement ho meant you HAVE to do them, not an optional content. =P

Wish there was a point to them.

For example:

I recently got my DK to 85. Then I noticed, and I can't remember seeing this before, that the reputation item for Tol Barad (bought from the tol barad vendor ) is "battle net account bound." I believe in the thread on them, in Wowhead, it says when this change happened.

So this character did some dailies, though I no longer need that faction or the tokens, then mailed them to my DK ;) So my DK can use them to increase rep, though it takes 10 at a time. I'm not sure how useful this would be, since I'm pretty sure that by the time she has 80 tokens herself, for the sword, that she'd already be the required rep anyway.

But it would be cool if the cooking awards were like that, account bound. That would give a point for doing them on a character already maxed with all the recipes (like this one is.)

The only other point to still do that cooking daily, is to sell cookies on the AH. Those do sell well, by the way. Thank you 90 cookie achievement.
As an achievement hoho I was wondering if the crate of meat ever gives any of the more 'rare' meats that can be cooked for the cataclysm gourmet, etc.

Thanks for all your responses :> I appreciate it!
I still do it for the beans... my Shaman healer has a really bad espresso addiction.

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