Engineering upgraded planes

After I manage to get my bike around the time the Secrets of Ulduar patch came out, I started to think about another type of mount for engineers and it involves eliminating the Turbo-Charged Flying Machine and the Flying machine. What I want is them to be eliminated and replaced with a 3 passanger flying machine(1 being the driver, and the 2 being the passangers).
Like lets face it, who really want to fly around on a rocket, not me, I seen that mount before and it doesn't really catch my eye that much. So what I want is to remove the engineer flying mounts and replace it with the design of the ones we got to fly in back in Northrend like the Fizzcrank bomber in Borean Tundra and Infra-green bombers in Icecrown. Alot of ppl that are engineers back in Wrath asked when we would make those type of flying mounts that carry 2 extra players on it, and I am one of them. So what I wouldn't mind seeing is the 2 flying machines that engineers can make be removed and replaced with the planes we drove or used in Northrend and ofcourse fit it with a colour design to tell if its an Alliance or Horde created plane like the bike.
Don't take my 'Copter!

Think about it, what would u want more? The copter, or a plane u seen around Northrend that u can carry 2 of your friends like the mammoth mount
I'm a rogue, I'd just throw them overboard.
10/13/2011 10:47 AMPosted by Bman
ofcourse fit it with a colour design to tell if its an Alliance or Horde created plane like the bike.

plz no the alliance chopper looks BAD its blingy..

leave the model as is imo..
I'm all for adding in a plane like the kind from Fizzcrank for Alliance, and some Goblin contraption for Horde.

But before we can consider Engineering getting any more cool mounts... Can we please please please get a new pair of goggles, and maybe a portable forge?

I haven't seen anything in 4.3 about Engineering at all (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
I think Blizzard wants to just focus on getting us on Deathwing now with patch 4.3, I'm thinkin on the next expansion we might see the return of Kil'Jaeden and the burning legion (remember, we only shoved Kil'Jaeden's head back down the toilet, so he will be pissed off).

But in terms of Kerrigan's note, I want the planes to have something with maybe a touch of blue paint if its an Alliance plane aswell as red paint if its a Horde plane. That way we know who it is instead of guessin when they dismount and come right into your face and plant that ownage flag on your corpse. I think u might be on to a good idea on a type of plane designs for the Horde and Alliance, Gannetiya. Be awhile till something clicks into my mind, its always creative in designing, wished I was a good artist thoe, lol!

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