All-white Hunter transmog set?

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Was thinking it'd be cool to sport an all-white set to go w/ this toon's name..

Anyone know of any white-colored mail armor?
To be honest I haven't seen a white mail set outside of low level random generated sets. That's all I can think of.

Thats about the best set I could find.
You'll want to try to get the Ornate gear. Levels 50-55 IIRC. Silver with gold trim, looks incredibly nice.
Not sure about mail but there is a vendor in Taunka'le Village in Borean Tundra, that sells white armor.
Unfortunately I don't know of a nice white cape, especially not one that is longer than the usual cape. Not at all.
Theres an addon named Mogit you can try which lets you preview gear on your toon. I downloaded it at, it's pretty handy.

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