[A] Dissent(25) 3 nights - LF DPS!

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We are taking a Christmas break from 17th of December to Jan 2nd. Jan 2nd (Wed) will be our first night back after the Xmas break. We are happy to take on applicants before this time however, be aware there will be no official raids during this time period.

Dissent is a jig-saw of semi-casual, serious and ex-hardcore raiders who have a passion for clearing content but are unwilling to sacrifice the other aspects of their life to do so.
Dissent is ideally suited to the mature gamer.

We are a well-established and stable guild - we've been raiding 25 man content for 3 years and have retained our core group during this time! We are passionate 25 man raiders and tackle all fights on this mode.

While our light schedule deems us a casual guild, we do take raiding seriously and are looking to recruit people that wish to maximize the time they spend in a raid environment. We maintain steady progression with far less raid time than most guilds - You must be on your A game to keep up. Loot is distributed via EPGP during current tier
We also run an informal/optional 10 man ALT raid for laughs once a week!

Wednesday, Thursday & Monday - 8pm-11pm.

ATTENDANCE: You must be able to have a decent attendance as we don't like to 'over-recruit', but that said, we are extremely tolerant of occasional AFKs - Dinner wth the girlfriend? Working late? Vacation in Europe? No problem! We strive to have a roster that is not congested, but flexible enough to cater for the occasional absence.

T14 Progress: 6/6 MV - 5/6 HOF

T13 Progress: 8/8 HM - Glory of the Dragonsoul Raider

T12 Progression: 6/7 HM
GLORY OF THE FIRELANDS RAIDER (All achieves completed on 25 man!)

T11 progression: 12/12n, 7/13 HM

T10 progression: 11/12HM - 32% HM LK While current. Glory of the Icecrown Raider.

We are currently seeking:
* HIGH DEMAND: DPS of all specs - we are heavy on druids however.
* ALL applicants of all specs (with suitable gearing and experience) will be given a fair look as we expand for MOP!

Please view our website for further details ~ www.dissentguild.net.
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Bump for Priests! Shadow and Holy please!
Upsie daisy.
Priest love desired please....
bump coz dorf is cool >.>....or is he?!
bump coz dorf is cool >.>....or is he?!
shadow priest eh
Free cake
I'll take the cake thank you! *yoink*
bump for scooby love. you know you want it.
TBH only if scooby comes with snacks! xD
Bump for recruitment!
And woot-bump for Glory of the Firelands raider - ALL Achieves completed on 25 man =)
Grats on Firelands Raiders! I did see some of you flying around on shinny new mounts
Thanks a lot =)
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