[A] Dissent(25) 3 nights - LF DPS!

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You lost to a ret paladin on ultraxion as a rogue with a higher ilvl. Don't bother insulting my guild, joke.
NEWS @ 5: This is a recruitment thread, not trade chat.
bump for 3/8 HM. 8% wipe on first night of ultraxion.
Bump, Need dps to continue hardmode progression with a fantastic roster.

Ranged & Ultraxion soakers welcome! :3

Edited the main post.
We really need a DK, stat.
(yeah, I never thought I'd say that either)
WTB DK who gives me unholy frenzy
Yeah c'mon, where are all the DKs?
Is the plague over or something =(
Do you know we currently don't have a rogue getting legendary clusters?
Do you know we have no AMZ, which makes me cry?

Come, fix it - apply.
Hey Blix, Im currently 5/8 HM (Should be 6/8) with Plate 3 Spine 10 HC Exp. (As sub). I added ou on realID for a chat!!
This wouldnt be the same Dissent that used to be lead by Arbaal would it?
Ouch: Nope I don't think so - I've been GM for about 2.5 years and always had the same name.

Also bump! We are still looking for an awesome rogue to join our ranks - we have a legendary up for grabs!

Also looking for excellent range - Ele Shaman, Boomkin and even another Warlock =)
Come finish off DS with us =)
may i ask what time it is in Singapore for your raid timings?

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